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Photographers can now shoot for Google with Snapwire's latest expansion

Photographers can now get paid to fill in Google’s gaps — Snapwire today announced a partnership with the search engine that puts thousands of new photo requests on the Snapwire app and website, along with adding bulk photo uploads to accommodate the jump in potential gigs.

To fill in gaps or outdated images of popular locations in the search results, Google now lists the locations that need an update on Snapwire. Photographers can submit images of the location, and could get paid if Google picks their shots. The new potential gigs number in the thousands, Snapwire says.

The latest addition pays only the photographer behind the selected images, even though multiple photographers may submit work. Like the platforms current database of clients ranging from Hertz to Hootsuite, the Snapwire platform connects businesses and photographers, giving photographers between a 50 and 70 percent cut of the payout.

The price of the Google gigs range, with several $25 shoots as well as $175 shoots. According to the style guide, most $175 Google shoots request a panorama, which could be shot with a smartphone, as well as images of the exterior and interior. The $25 projects, on the other hand, ask only for an image of the exterior, though the exact requests vary.

Snapwire’s map tool helps sort those potential gigs by location, while a newly added batch upload will allow photographers to submit more than one image at a time.

Along with the new Google gigs with potential pay, Snapwire also announced a new Pay Per Shoot option. Instead of paying photographers for selected images, the Pay Per Shoot option allows clients to pay for an entire shoot, instead of a single image or set of images. That allows photographers to be paid at a rate closer to their day rate for weddings or events, Snapwire says.

Snapwire recently completed a round of crowdfunding that made the latest additions possible, while a new campaign is continuing to finance the startup’s expansion.

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