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Cut out the middleman: Send images directly to Google Photos from your Sony camera

sony stg uploader google photos a7rii
Sony has been a bit of a pioneer in regard to expanding the abilities of their cameras through downloadable apps. Samsung has also played with the idea on its previous Android-based cameras, but as a whole, Sony’s system is unique among the big players in the camera market. Utilizing Sony’s PlayMemories app store, photographers can add a ton of functionality to their cameras from easy double exposures to simple time-lapse recording.

Somewhat surprisingly, until today, if users wanted to upload images and share them across the web, they needed to first transfer the image from their camera to their phone. But that changed recently with the new third-party STG Uploader app, which allows users to easily upload images directly from their Sony cameras to Google Photos with no phone required.

As noted above, the app is third-party, which means that it was not developed and is not supported by Sony. So users will need to beware that any issues installing it may cause on your camera may not be covered by a Sony warranty. That said, if you are a Google Photos users, then this is some functionality that will no doubt be interested to test out.

You will need to have a Wi-Fi access point that you can connect the camera to, but aside from that, all you need if your Google Photo username and login information and you are good to go. This is just the latest in a series of features that make Sony’s latest cameras incredibly intriguing. It will be interesting to see if this app or others like it allow for direct uploading to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, 500PX, or Flickr.

For more information on STG Uploader, you can check out the app’s website, which includes instructions on how to install it onto Sony PlayMemories Camera App-compatible cameras.

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