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Egg-shaped Tamaggo 360 camera goes live in one tap with its integrated screen

Tamaggo 360LiveCam - Just click and share.
360 cameras capture an immersive perspective, which means many manufacturers ditch the screen for a smaller design since everything is included in the photo anyway. But that’s not the case for Tamaggo, the first 360 live-streaming camera to include an integrated touchscreen. Developed in Switzerland by a startup of the same name, Tamaggo’s touchscreen allows live-streaming in 360 with one tap on the egg-shaped camera.

Unlike most 360 cameras, the Tamaggo uses a single-lens design with an ultrawide lens, which means that there’s no stitching software and no stitch lines. That single-lens design lets the camera see in 360 degrees from front to back, but only 220 degrees up and down, eliminating a portion below the camera from the footage. Tamaggo isn’t the only single-lens 360 camera, with models like 360Fly already on the market, but the design is a bit less common than the multilens setups.

The Tamaggo uses a 12-megapixel Sony sensor to capture 4K photos, but video stays at an HD picture quality. Like with any 360 camera, those pixels are stretched around the entire view, not presented all at once in a single view. A gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass are also built into the camera.

But the Tamaggo’s standout feature is that touchscreen, which allows users to preview the shot as well as view the photos, including swiping around the scene. The built-in interface also allows for simple captures, the company says.

The camera also uses Bluetooth to connect to a mobile app, compatible with both iOS and Android. The app includes preview and record options, as well as viewing and sharing the photos.

Tamaggo, which means egg in Japanese, is aptly egg-shaped, but will also stand on a tabletop without extra gear, thanks to a retractable self-standing ring.

“Tamaggo’s mission is to create life-changing experiences that connect people, so we set out to make our camera as simple to use as possible,” chief operating officer Frederique Huillet said in a press release. “Both the camera and the mobile app were built to deliver on the functionality and technical specifications of a great user experience: Ease of use, live features, image quality, and touch screen control. With Tamaggo 360LiveCam, anyone can feel like they are with you in an immersive way, at any time, wherever you are.”

Tamaggo lists for $399 and is already on sale from the manufacturer’s website.

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