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Got accessories? Think Tank’s new drone backpack makes room for them

think tank helipad for dji inspire announced helipak 0002 background
The Think Tank Helipak for DJI Inspire is a drone backpack, but it might as well be called an accessory backpack too. The company’s latest backpack accommodates a DJI Inspire (or another quadcopter of a similar size) as well as a Zenmuse gimbal with up to three lenses, six batteries, two controllers, an 8-inch tablet, extra propellers, a charger and a 17-inch laptop.

Adjustable dividers help accommodate all that gear, while customizing it to fit a different range of accessories. The bag uses an ABS twinwall for a rigid outer shell and ballistic nylon on the bottom panel, according to Doug Murdoch, lead designer and president of Think Tank Photo. Outside, a water-bottle pouch and even elastic pockets on the shoulder straps expand the storage options.

“The biggest delineation of our drone bags is that they are more than drone bags,” said Brian Erwin, Think Tank’s photo marketing adviser. “They also hold a considerable amount of other gear that drone users and photographers routinely carry out into the field.  This is important because drones are often used to capture images in remote settings. We strive to allow them a hands-free carrying experience where they can pack everything into this backpack and not have to wear or carry anything else.”


Erwin said the bag also makes comfort a priority. The bag uses a harness with an adjustable sternum strap and a waist belt to comfortably distribute the weight. That harness can also be tucked away, allowing the gear to be carried with one of three different handles.

“Because of their background in designing outdoor backpacks,” Erwin said, “our designers are acutely aware of load-bearing features the outdoor industry has long adopted for carrying heavy gear long distances.  These features are embedded in our backpacks. We want our users to get their gear into the field and never to have to be aware of their bodies.”

The bag, by itself, weighs 8.5 pounds and is 19 inches wide, 24 inches tall, and 9.4 inches deep, permitting it to accommodate all that extra gear. The Helipak is currently listed for $340.


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