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TriggerTrap remotes go open source, may not be defunct after all

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TriggerTrap may be shutting its doors, but chances are, users might still be able to use their devices even on operating systems that have yet to be launched, thanks to the company’s move to share the app as open code.

After TriggerTrap announced their closure earlier this year, users were left wondering if future operating system updates would leave the device that gives cameras smartphone-connected features incompatible. On Wednesday, CEO Haje Jan Kamps shared the open source code for both the iOS and Android TriggerTrap app on Github.

“Hundreds of thousands of photographers around the world have used our products through the years, and tens of thousands still rely on Triggertrap to help empower their creativity. It felt like a shame to let a company closure take the apps offline, so we’ve been trying to find a solution,” Kamps wrote.

The move leaves code-savvy users to do the updating, but could prevent the device from being completely useless once future operating system updates leave the app incompatible. Kamps says that the company’s lead iOS engineer will be taking those user-generated contributions and publishing them to the App Store for the less computer-savvy to download. The company is still looking for someone to handle that responsibility for the Android version.

TriggerTrap launched in 2011 back when operating a DSLR from a smartphone was still a novel idea. As cameras started to support native Wi-Fi connection, the company continued to branch out by adding features not normally included in newer DSLRs, like custom time-lapses and facial recognition triggers.

The company successfully crowdfunded a new Ada trigger that allowed for motion and sound triggering. But, when the prototype costs went to five times the original estimate and the manufacturing three times as much, the company failed to deliver the fully funded Kickstarter, creating financial struggles.

TriggerTrap announced their closure earlier this year and Kamps says the company is still in the process of shutting down.

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