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Print your GIFs with Ubersnap, the free iOS app

ubersnap gifs print applying a filter
We may be naught more than mere muggles, but we can begin to tap into the wizarding world with moving photos (which were of course a staple of the Harry Potter universe). It’s all thanks to Ubersnap, a creative platform for GIF artists, and which has just launched the world’s first GIF printing app for free download on the Apple app store. While GIFs are at present sadly relegated to the digital world, you can bring them to life in a tangible print with the Ubersnap app, resulting in a Harry Potter-style animated photo.
With Ubersnap, users will be able to capture GIFs, apply professional-grade filters, and then place an order to have them printed and delivered straight to their home. Each and every moving image is printed at the Singapore-based studio to ensure the highest quality possible.

“GIFs are an incredible way to express your creativity. We saw Ubersnap being used in intriguing ways, from showing off creative projects to capturing everyday moments,” said Boon Chin Ng, founder of Ubersnap. “Even in this digital age, there’s something special about holding a print in your hands. We wanted to make this experience possible for GIFs, and we handcraft every piece because it deserves a personal touch.”

Ubersnap hopes to create more than just a printing service with its app, and aspires to foster a community of creatives willing to share their ideas and inspirations with one another via GIFs (both printed and digital). All GIFs captured using Ubersnap are made visible to other users, and you can further share your creations with the broader online world by way of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Ubersnap’s prints don’t come particularly cheap — a 3 x 3-inch lenticular will set you back $10, but that includes the ordering, printing, and shipping. And it’s not exactly an easy production process, either. “Crafting each animated print is a multi-step process,” Ubersnap’s Ng told Wired. “This is done with special software, and the result is printed with a professional photo printer. We start off by slicing up the frames of a GIF, and interlacing them into a single image. The image looks like gibberish until we align a lenticular sheet on top of it—which takes experience.”

But even if you don’t want to shell out $10 for a print, the Ubersnap app itself is pretty nifty. With a short recording time and no sound, you’ll create some pretty compelling GIFs that can be quite entertaining in their simplicity. So check it out one way or the other — after all, the app itself is free.

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