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Sketchy is a good thing with Wacom's latest digital pen drawing system

The company helping artists to use a pen to create digital art is aiming for an even more realistic feel — on Wednesday, Wacom announced its latest pro-level digital pen display, the Cintiq Pro 13 and 16.

Both displays gain four times more accuracy than previous options, Wacom says, thanks to the included Pro Pen 2. The pen also enhances the device’s pressure sensitivity, giving graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and other creatives more fine-tuned control of adjustments inside digital files.

Wacom says the battery-free Pro Pen 2 reduces parallax and is virtually lag free, allowing the digital pen to work and feel more like traditional pen on paper.

Both displays, available in 13- and 16-inch options, have also been updated with a modern, thin design that makes them more portable than previous options. The displays use edge-to-edge etched glass, allowing a large workspace for flexibility using different digital brushes. Both touch-sensitive displays allow the user to pinch to zoom, as well as touch navigation and rotation.

The 16-inch display boasts an ultra HD resolution at 3840 x 2160, while the 13-inch option offers a traditional 1980 x 1080 resolution. The larger display also has more color capability, rated at a 94 percent on the Adobe RGB scale while the smaller option sits at 84 percent.

The upgrade puts Wacom’s flagship products in a more portable package, with the 13 inch weighing 2.43 pounds and measuring a half-inch thick, while the 16 inch sits at 3.3 pounds and a .69-inch depth.

“Thanks to the Cintiq Pro’s amazing pen performance and other design features, people passionate about exploring creativity can effectively transport what is in their heart and soul to the digital canvas,” Wacom President and CEO Masahiko Yamada said in a press release.

Along with the new displays and their new pen design, Wacom also introduced a number of different accessories this week, including the ExpressKey remote that allows users to add custom shortcut buttons. While both displays include pop-out legs, an additional three-position desk stand will be released in February.

The Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 will be available in December for $1000, while creatives will have to wait until February — and pay $1,499 — for the larger display. Both options are Mac and PC compatible, with support for both 2D and 3D design programs.

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