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WhiteWall aims to be the one-stop shop for high-end gallery exhibitions

WhiteWall Impression 2014 (Official Video)
Germany-based photo lab WhiteWall is putting its museum and gallery production expertise to use by offering free consultation to artists and photographers working on their own exhibitions. WhiteWall designers will be available to help with everything in the planning and production process, from image selection and sizing to mounting and hanging.

WhiteWall is a high-end photo lab owned by Berlin-based Avenso. It specializes in unique substrates and exhibition-quality prints. “Our keen sense of knowing which substrates and framing choices work best for an image as well as the environment where it will be viewed is what makes WhiteWall distinctly unique,” said CEO Holger Lendner in a press release. Now, WhiteWall wants to be more than just a print lab by sharing that knowledge directly with photographers.

From a business perspective, WhiteWall’s apparent largesse may help draw more photographers to its printing and mounting services. The company is also offering bulk discounts to artists who print and mount their entire show through WhiteWall.

WhileWall’s expertise is evidenced in the numerous gallery shows it has produced around the world, including “A New Moon Rises,” a collection of photographs of the moon taken by NASA’s high-resolution Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, which is currently on display in Washington, DC. Other recent exhibits include “CMS — The Art of Science” by photographer and scientist Michael Hoch, and “New York Love Story” by German photographer Karsten Staiger.

As traditional photo labs have declined in recent years, WhiteWall has remained narrowly focused on the professional and fine art markets. Rather than compete with the likes of supermarket photo kiosks, WhiteWall deals only in gallery-quality prints, with surfaces ranging from acrylic to metal to canvas. Its production process, as seen in the video above, is very hands-on. It may not be the best place to go for 5x7s of everyone on your kid’s soccer team, but WhiteWall can happily handle your next wide-format gallery show.

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