Trends with Benefits: Tesla’s black boxes, undersea hipsters, show ‘n tell

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is happening next week, but Apple seems to have been in a bit of a slump lately. What would wow us? One rumor says Apple will introduce a beefed-up version of Siri to compete with Amazon’s Alexa, and we all admit we’re using voice assistants more and more. But how about a new MacBook, Apple?

Another person has blamed a Tesla crash on the car’s semi-autonomous features going haywire — in this case a new Model X accelerated into a building from a parking spot. But did you know Teslas have a “black box” that can show what happened in the event of an accident? Tesla took a peek at the data and determined that the accident was manually caused by someone pressing the gas pedal. There are a ton of benefits that can come with this kind of tracking, but what are the drawbacks? Is it a good thing, that manufacturers and insurance companies will soon have access to all of your driving habits?

China’s recent list of top 100 science and technology priorities includes a fascinating project at spot number two: building a massive sea lab 10,000 feet beneath the ocean. If they can pull it off, this would be a tremendous tech breakthrough and a first in human history. So would you rather live 10,000 feet under the sea, or in space? Apparently, space is played out and underwater is the new hip spot.

Finally, we close with some DT Show and Tell. A few weeks ago, we were joined by Ezra from Case of Bass and Caleb has his hands on one of his latest creations: a portrait of a classic ‘80s-style boombox called Touch of Bass, which includes actual speakers. It’s a work of art for anyone that is a fan of that decade and on top of that, it sounds great!

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