Banksy update: Incredibly low quality photo proves nothing

We told you a couple of days ago about an eBay auction selling the identify of underground graffiti artist Banksy, and it appears that the listing has been pulled. We contacted the seller to ask for any details on the auction, and were given this reply: “I spent 3 years finding the answer. I was paid off, now I can tell you nothing. All I can give you is this photograph.” Followed by the photo below.

banksyHere’s the same photo with heightened exposure that we also sharpened for a better look.

banksy - editedWe’re inclined to believe the entire thing was a hoax, either motivated by boredom or publicity, but some think the anonymous auctioneer was truly paid off to keep Banksy’s identity confidential. All we know for sure: Whoever “” is needs a better camera.