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Members can share the same Story with Facebook’s new Group Stories


Facebook Stories is expanding to Groups. On Tuesday, December 4, Facebook announced the global availability of Group Stories. The feature allows members of the same Facebook Group to contribute to the Group’s Story.

Unlike the Stories coming from individual Facebook users, Group Stories allow multiple members of the same group to share to the same Story. The Story then displays the Group name as well as the individual user creating the post.

To add to a Group Story, Facebook users can navigate to the Group on the Facebook app and tap “add” underneath the option that says “Your Group’s Story.” Users can then select a photo or video from the camera roll, and like with a typical Story, can choose to add stickers, text, doodles, and effects before adding the content. The privacy options also allow users to share that same content to their own Story, as well as creating a post or sending in Messenger.

The expansion of the previously tested tool also launches with reactions inside those Group Stories, which allows members to respond with emoji reactions. The tool, Facebook says, allows users to respond quickly to the Story.

Not all Groups will have the new Stories option. Facebook says Group admin can choose a setting that limits sharing to admin members only, instead of every Group member. Group admins can also use new tools to approve or delete Stories contributions from members before they go live.

Facebook says the new Group Stories is designed to encourage casual sharing among group members. For example, the company says that a Group like Dogspotting can use Stories to allow members to share photos and videos of the different dogs they spot. Facebook envisions cooking groups sharing recipes and dishes on Group Stories, and travel Groups sharing glimpses of member adventures.

Both Stories and Groups have been a focus for several of the latest Facebook updates. Facebook recently added the option to add music to a Story shortly after Instagram gained the feature. Facebook Groups over the past year have gained features like mentors, Watch Party, and a test for paid Group subscriptions. As of August 2018, Facebook said that more than two million users participate in Groups.

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