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Three men arrested over alleged rape that was broadcast through Facebook Live

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Facebook Live might have brought us closer to everyone from athletes and commentators to those who want to fundraise, but Facebook’s live-streaming tool has also been under fire for content it has shown. The latest case is more of the latter as three men in Sweden were arrested on suspicion of the rape of a woman that was shown on Facebook Live, reports The Guardian.

According to authorities, the alleged gang rape took place about an hour north of Stockholm. Several viewers reported the stream, and police responded to an apartment where the three suspects and the woman were located. Those arrested were born between 1992 and 1998, while the woman was born in 1998. Authorities did not release any other details on the matter.

Anyone who downloaded the broadcast is encouraged to submit the video to authorities, though local media outlets reported that the video was taken down. Facebook’s policy states it will “remove content, disable accounts, and work with law enforcement when we believe there is a genuine risk of physical harm or direct threats to public safety.”

It is unknown what charges the three men face, but this is not the first time sensitive material was posted on Facebook Live. During 2016’s spring and summer months, several Facebook Live broadcasts involved graphic shootings, including those of Antonio Perkins and Brian Fields. The aftermath of a terrorist attack in France that claimed the lives of a police commander and police administrator was also broadcast through Facebook Live.

Facebook’s live-streaming tool has also been used for much more positive subjects, such as Chewbacca Mom and an exploding watermelon, just to name a couple. In December 2016, Facebook launched Live 360, the next generation of Facebook Live that lets you broadcast 360-degree video.

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