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Chicago man captures the moment he was critically shot on Facebook Live

chicago shooting facebook live fb
A man has reportedly captured the moment he was critically shot live on Facebook, resulting in a police investigation for the suspected shooter.

The 31-year-old victim, named by Chicago police as Brian Fields, was allegedly attacked on camera while he was live streaming the Facebook video in his local neighborhood of Englewood.

The graphic clip, which has subsequently gone viral, shows Fields filming himself in the afternoon when someone approaches him and fires several shots. The camera then drops to the ground, and all that can be heard is the surrounding environment. According to the police, the gunman jumped into a vehicle and sped away following the attack. The video has now been shared online thousands of times and can be viewed in its entirety here (be warned, the clip contains graphic content and strong language, which some viewers may find upsetting).

Eyewitnesses claim that they heard nine or 10 shots before Fields hit the ground. The gunman can also be seen in the frame of the live stream for a brief moment. The video has become an integral part of the investigation into the alleged shooting, with Chicago police working to verify its authenticity.

Known to his friends as Sugar Ray, Fields was reportedly filming his return to his hometown at the time of the attack. His live broadcast sees him talk about a store in close proximity reopening for kids. “It looks like someone snuck up from behind him,” Fields’ friend Manuel Stewart told ABC.

Fields is currently in critical condition at Mount Sinai hospital, having suffered gunshot wounds to the face and groin. Chicago police have stated that they are closely examining the individuals in the clip in order to find witnesses and suspects.

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