Facebook removes baby-dunking video after criticism

facebook pulls baby dunking video disturbing

Facebook has finally addressed critics after coming under fire for its slow response to a controversial video being called an example of child abuse. The video at issue shows a baby held by its limbs and being dunked into a bucket of water, as a woman keeps swinging it around. The baby’s then held upside down and then finally shaken. After this, the baby immediately falls silent, which is in stark contrast to its continuous screaming during the ordeal.

When initially confronted about the presence of this video on Facebook, the company defended it and termed it “baby yoga,” according to the Guardian.

Facebook, however, reversed itself completely. After different child abuse charities and child welfare organizations complained to the company, Facebook has begun scrubbing its site of the controversial video – with a caveat. It’s only removing these baby-dunking videos where users are actively encouraging this activity, but it’s allowing the videos to remain on posts that are condemning its use. Videos that condemn this behavior are marked with a “disturbing” label as well. We were able to find the video still posted by one user, but Facebook pulled it the next day.

The video is believed to have originated in Indonesia, and more information about its origins will come to light as Toronto police start an investigation to determine the baby’s location and where the video was shot, according to CTV News.

While this situation has been a public relations predicament for Facebook, it is not the first time that the company has been in the spotlight for allowing questionable videos to be posted on the site.

Back in 2013, the company initially let a beheading video stay up. However, after a campaign led by Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom, Facebook removed the graphic video and reconsidered its policy on allowing violent videos to stay up on the site.

Judging what videos are deemed acceptable or offensive can sometimes be a gray area, as Facebook’s struggles over the years have demonstrated. That’s why it’s a smart idea for users to exercise some discretion when posting videos to the social media site.