Foursquare update to check-in pages on mobile Web, adds more details

foursquare checkin details snippet

Foursquare has moved beyond the check-in ever since the app pivoted and took on Yelp with a social and location-based twist. With that said, Foursquare announced an update today that makes use of check-ins by displaying more details on its mobile Web app.

Check-ins weren’t gaining the traction that was anticipated even if it landed founder and CEO Dennis Crowley on the front cover of publications in the tech world in its heyday. So Crowely and his team had to hunker down to rethink its place in the tech world since the company realized that check-ins was a fad. What Fourquare came up with is a location-based social app that helps you discover new restaurants and venues. That much you know already.

Foursquare’s update adds a hint of Instagram-esque characteristics that boosts the social side of its app by emphasizing photos and engagement. Each check-in now is accompanied by all the relevant details about that visit including the address, photos, badges, points, comments, and likes on one page. To view this redesigned page you’ll have to tap on your friend’s check-ins.

It’s easier now for your Foursquare friends to get a quick glimpse of your visit and presents a better environment for engaging with that check-in. The way the page was designed before didn’t quite provide any value for highlighting number of points that your friend may have received for checking-in. Starting today the first detail that you’ll see are the user’s comment and photo featured prominently at the very top of the page – hello Instagram. Displayed below that are the badges, points, and finally likes and comments from your Foursquare friends.

Since the pivot, check-ins have been an incentive program for the most part, for trading venue discounts or coupons in exchange for check-ins. By announcing your presence at a venue on Foursquare, some of your friends are bound to see your visit, which ideally would encourage the to visit as well. 

foursquare checkin details

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