Here’s a Facebook game where nobody’s a winner

heres a facebook game you definitely want to lose fb

If there’s one place on the Internet that deserves your hyper-vigilance when it comes to sharing personal information, it’s Facebook. Really, you should know that by now. Even if you’re on it to simply snoop on your thousand-or-so friends. Even if you’re only on it to play games like Mob Wars (is that still a thing?). Speaking of games, there’s a new one you should play, should you decide to test your knowledge of privacy setting musts. It’s called the Realistic Facebook Privacy Simulator.

Created by the Internet hobbyists behind Us Vs Th3m – a Tumblr that promises a daily dose of Web awesomeness – the game is pretty straightforward: Answer questions pertaining to Facebook security and privacy and hope to get all your answers wrong. Yes, in this case you do want to get every single question wrong because you are rewarded with this:

facebook security simulator - zuckerberg dance

Yes, that is a screenshot of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Prancercizing.

You only have 20 seconds to muck up your answers to this quiz per level, so by all means, take all the time you need. I went through and tried to answer it seriously – note that some of the screenshots were taken before I chose my answers. I don’t want to completely spoil the game for you, after all.

facebook security simulator - 1 facebook security simulator - 2 facebook security simulator - 3 facebook security simulator - 4

I got to level 5 before the double negatives started to confuse me, which is pretty good. Oh, and for some questions, you have no other choice but the wrong one, so don’t feel bad.

facebook security simulator - 5 facebook security simulator - 6

The most terrifying thing about this game is that it could be our future. Facebook save us all. 

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