How meta: Stick Facebook inside Google+ for a social network within a social network

google+facebookThis whole Facebook, Google+ thing has gotten somewhat ridiculous. Both are one-upping each other with new features and Facebook has been busy closing holes that are letting new Google+ users important contacts and other information from its site. This, of course, has been making the transition between the two all the more complicated – just as Facebook wants it.

But there are plenty of users happy to coexist between the two, getting to know the ins and outs of Google+ as it develops while simultaneously content with Facebook’s established platform. And now, you can have both at the same time – better yet, in the same window. A new Chrome and Firefox extension called Google+Facebook puts your Facebook stream directly into Google+, and also gives you the ability to update your Facebook status from its’ enemy site.

After installing and approving the application, it will pull what it needs from your account and place a Facebook icon to the left of Google +’s home button. Clicking this will pull up what looks like a mini Facebook client and give you the status bar (text only, sorry – no links, photos, or the like at the moment) as well as your News Feed below.

We advise jumping on the Google+Facebook plugin if you’re interested – who knows how long Facebook will complacently let its home page be pulled into enemy territory? Facebook’s privacy policy clearly states you cannot take information about your friends elsewhere, which is why it’s been able to continuously block outside sites from importing its contact info. Seeing as your News Feed is full of friends’ posts, we’re not certain how long Google+Facebook will stick around.

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