Give your favorite novel a digital twist with #InternetABook

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The ability to transcend time has always been a marker of a true classic, and for some of literature’s finest work, even the dawn of the digital age hasn’t lessened their importance. Sure, we may now read off iPads rather than pages, but the literary masterpieces have remained untouched — well, almost. In one of @Midnight’s most recent #HashtagWars, the show asked the denizens of the great wide Web to #InternetABook. The premise is simple, and the results, hilarious — give classic titles a modern twist by creating tech-related puns. Needless to say, the Internet loved it, and honestly, so did we.

While Tinder is the Night may have a very different plot from the Fitzgerald classic, and 198404 Error just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as Orwell’s dystopian novel, some of the others definitely sound like page turners.

All of those. I want to read all of those.

Yes, he probably does.

I mean, it’s really not.

Sure, those go hand in hand.

Not quite as heartbreaking, but definitely frustrating.

Gulliver would’ve probably appreciated Travelocity.

Teach kids early.


What section would this have gone under?

He’s not? Dealbreaker.

Honestly, this might have turned out the same way as the original.

So real.

You probably had to Google all the places you were going to go to anyway.

Join in on the fun and see how you can transform your favorite reads when you #InternetABook.