Old Spice gets a jump on viral Super Bowl ads with funny prank websites

old spice gets jump super bowl ads funny prank websites solid gold headset

Looking to dominate the Web prior to the onslaught of humorous ads played during NFL Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2, Old Spice has launched a series of fake websites advertising a series of ridiculous products and services. For instance, a fake tech product included in the mix is a “100 Percent Solid Gold” Bluetooth headset. Other ridiculous products include cologne with a protein additive, a neck workout machine, spray tan parties and 100 percent black leather sheets. 

When the site is pulled up by the user, any click on one of the call-to-action buttons triggers a red alert sound. At this point, the site collapses and the familiar Isaiah “Old Spice Guy” Mustafa appears to let you know why the product was ridiculous along with a pitch for an Old Spice product. Old Spice has had tremendous success with viral promotion of previous ads featuring Mustafa as well as a 2010 YouTube campaign in which Mustafa answered questions posted by fans on sites like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook. The videos in the new campaign are all powered by Vimeo. 

You can find an entire list of the nine websites below. After each video finishes, users can use the social sharing buttons to prank friends as well.

In addition to Mustafa, other popular Old Spice ads have featured Fabio, Terry Crews and Bruce Campbell. During early 2013, Old Spice briefly featured a fictional director of marketing called Mr. Wolfdog, but those ads were quickly replaced by a popular campaign that spoofed classic jingle commercials from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  

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