Pinterest’s ‘More Ideas’ tab suggests new notions based on your old ones

pinterest more ideas tab plei1hva copy

Can’t get enough Pinterest ideas? Pinterest boards will now have a second section filled with suggestions based on your current pins and board topics. On Tuesday, October 2, Pinterest launched a new tab for boards called “More Ideas” to house personalized recommendations. The update comes alongside suggested sections to streamline organization.

Pinterest says the new tab is inspired by ideas already saved to the board, creating suggestions tailored specifically to that board. The new tab is located underneath the name of the board on both mobile apps and the web-based version, effectively dividing the board into two sections, your pins and more ideas.

For more specific ideas, the more tab will also be available inside each section. After clicking or tapping on the section, Pinterest will show your pins, alongside the new tab that’s dedicated to offering more ideas.

The second new feature expands on an existing feature by suggesting new sections for your boards. The suggestions will appear inside your board, and will list options when you tap the plus icon to add a section. The feature makes suggestions based on the content of the board to help organize the pins that are inside a single board.

“With the ‘more ideas’ tab on each of your boards and sections, you can explore new recommendations inspired by the ideas you’ve already saved,” Pinterest’s blog post reads. “You’ll also see suggestions for new sections you can add to help organize your ideas.”

Pinterest already suggests Pins based on previous saves inside the home feed, but the update serves as a way to quickly find suggestions on a specific topic (even if you don’t know what to search for), rather than ideas spread across all your Pinterest boards. The suggested sections expands the organization tools launched last year.

The updates coincide with Pinterest’s Halloween report, which looks at searches to determine the most popular costume and decor ideas. The report is designed to help find costume ideas — or find out what not to wear if you don’t want to show up to that costume party wearing the same get-up as someone else. The year’s list includes well-known figures and Hollywood icons like Tonya Harding, Black Panther, Edna Mode, Frida Kahlo and Mamma Mia. Others are inspired by nature like cows, flamingos and astrology-inspired costumes.

For group costumes, avocado toast, The Incredibles, a dinosaur family, Neverland, and carnivals are the most searched ideas. On the kids’ side, Pinterest lists llamas, Boss Baby, Boba tea, lion, and an “old lady.”


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