Recycle your Facebook comments to demonstrate how green you are

Admit it: You’ve been wondering what to do with all of your old Facebook messages. You’ve been on the site for some time, and they’re all just cluttering up your timeline with messages from friends and family that don’t serve any real purpose anymore. If only there was something you could do with all of them, you’ve thought to yourself, some way to turn them into something useful… Well, guess what: There is. Now you can recycle your old Facebook messages, and in doing so, promote a suitably environmentally-minded program.

The idea of recycling Facebook messages comes from a collaboration between Honest Tea and New York-based ad agency Amalgamated as part of the former’s Great Recycle campaign, which aims to reduce the company’s environmental footprint by equaling the amount of bottles produced each year to the amount of bottles recycled. To promote the campaign, Amalgamated created the Great Recycle Facebook app, which offers users the chance to choose a past status to repost (complete with Honest Tea branding) as a way of signifying a commitment to increasing their own recycling efforts in the year ahead. As a reward for pledging to recycle a set number of bottles every week, users receive Recyclebank points, which can be redeemed with companies like Dunkin’ Donuts, eBay and Target.

The Facebook campaign is just one of Honest Tea’s initiatives to promote recycling, and potentially one of the most frivolous (Will your Facebook friends really want to see old statuses again?), but also one of the most fun and therefore most likely to stick in people’s minds. Because of that, maybe it really is a good way of finding some use for all those statuses you never think about, after all.

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