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Study: Average person spends nearly eight hours a month on Facebook


According to an updated study released earlier today by Nielson, Facebook is still eats up the most amount of time for a typical Web user. Clocking in at 7 hours and 45 minutes, the average person spends that much time each month wandering though endless status updates, leaving comments on new media from friends and playing social games like Zynga’s CityVille. However, Facebook is still number two when it comes to the total Internet audience. Google takes the top spot again and the average user spends about 1 hour and 45 minutes on Google products each month. AOL and its variety of Web properties take second place in regards to the amount of time spent on an AOL site, nearly three hours per user per month.

Yahoo! was also a significant time sink with users spending over two hours a month on the site. Other entities on the top ten list in regards to total traffic didn’t fare as well with time spent on the site.  For instance, Wikipedia visitors spend less than 20 minutes a month on the site. Time spent on Amazon was barely over 30 minutes a month, but that’s likely attributed to a quick checkout process. However, visitors to Apple spent more than an hour a month browsing through the store and other information about Apple’s lineup of products.

The typical Web user visited about 100 domains each month and racked up over 3,000 page views per person. The typical amount of time spent looking over the average Web page was less than a minute, but the average amount of time spent online per month totaled up at over 30 hours. While over 275 million Americans had online access over the month of August 2011, less than 80 percent of that group used the Internet access to go online and browse the Web.

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