Tumblr gets a facelift, shows off new inline posting feature

new tumblrWith more options to share than ever before – including a brand-new video-sharing option from Twitter – older platforms can lose their luster if they don’t continually find ways to improve. 

Tumblr remains beloved and enormously popular, but that doesn’t mean it can’t use a good makeover every once in a while.

The blogging superpower just debuted a better-looking inline form for posting content, and it gives the site a sleeker look and better functionality. It’s especially helpful for people with more than one blog on Tumblr, since you can update multiple accounts from the same Dashboard. 

new tumblr two

A Tumblr spokesperson explained the update to us, noting “This new way to post has the same functionality with a more streamlined experience. With this new way to create a post, the Dashboard has become a single experience. Now you’re making posts the same way you’re reading them.”

Aside from making it easier to update multiple accounts, the new inline form looks significantly more streamlined. On top of that, now each type of content is treated differently, so if you’re posting a photo, you can drag and drop directly onto the page, and if you’re doing a long text post, you can re-size the box to make the writing process easier. Distractions are minimized and the new look makes it simpler than ever to create a new post.

Of course, every redesign takes some getting used to, and people are already taking to their Tumblrs to complain about the changes. This revamp is considerable, but likely not enough to sustain any real outrage. This isn’t Instagramgate or the Timeline we’re talking about. 

If you’re looking at your Tumblr page and wondering why it doesn’t look different, you may not have received the update yet. But don’t worry – the company has no plans to stop rolling out the new look.