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Twitter plays around again with new design for search results

twitter plays around again with new design for search results
If you’re a frequent Twitter user, chances are you may have caught a quick glimpse of the company’s latest look for its search results page. Recently, a sharp observer at Re/code noticed a new look to Twitter’s search results and quickly took a screen shot. Twitter confirmed that it indeed was testing a new look, but this isn’t the first time in recent memory that the company was caught experimenting with its search results design.

Twitter’s aim is to make using search easier and faster for everyone. That’s a key prerequisite for people to use that feature more frequently. The company’s been dogged by its lackluster search feature from the start, given that the constantly updating nature of tweeting makes it hard to locate older tweets. These design experiments are part of a broader strategy to improve search on the site.

The new but brief design iteration showed a few notable changes. The filter options that were at home on the left-hand side, and recently moved to the top of the page as tabs, received new colors. Tabs included “top,” “live,” “accounts,” “photos,” “videos” and “more options.”

As a result, the trends section, traditionally farther down on the left-hand side, got pushed up, thereby allowing more space for the accompanying news summaries.

Earlier in April, Twitter also experimented with design changes to its search results page. Then, the left-hand side also featured recommendations on who to follow, which meant that trends were still pushed to the bottom and didn’t feature news summaries. The filter options, however, were already moved as tabs to the top of the page.

With each new design iteration, Twitter is aiming for a cleaner look that’s easier to navigate.

Experimenting with the search design is only one of a series of new projects the company has been pursuing of late. Recently, it struck a deal with Google to have its tweets show up in Google search results. According to Twitter management, tweets could already begin popping up in Google search results as early as May.

All of these moves by the company are intended to increase the usability of the social networking site, and drive more people and, therefore, revenue to the company.

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