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TinderNightmares Instagram account features the worst Tinder pickup lines

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Online dating can be tough for everyone, but women especially have to worry about receiving aggressive messages from creepy men on a daily basis.

While no one likes rejection, some men on dating sites like Tinder don’t know how to deal with women turning them down. The Instagram account TinderNightmares constantly uploads cringeworthy messages that send women running for the hills. Messages range from the downright cheesy to totally creepy.

The account, which has more than 1.1 million followers, features screen grabs from some of the conversations submitted from women around the world. Some of the men highlighted on the account are cheesy, obviously hoping their pickup lines will make the ladies laugh — and then get a date.

One man named Jeremy wrote: “Hey there! A little about me: My grandparents were second cousins, probably. I’m not missing any limbs, but it’s OK if you are. And I’ve only collected two tears in prison [which are used to signify murders committed]. If I sound like a catch, [message] me.”

Another man named Shane wrote, “If you were a triangle you’d be acute one.” While it’s not the worst, it’s still pretty cheesy.

Although this one man was trying to be sweet — he didn’t use the correct name in the message. Soon after telling a girl named Sidney that he wanted to “spoon her like yogurt or soup,” he sent the same message to another woman — who obviously was not Sidney.

One guy wrote, “Damn girl, are you my appendix? Because I don’t understand how you work, but this feeling in my stomach is making me want to take you out.” The women responded saying, “Are you saying I could kill you? Because you’ll be dead before you take me out.”

It’s not surprising to find out that some of the men have been shamed on the TinderNightmares Instagram account.

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