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Fail like you mean it: Here are the 10 worst Pinterest disasters on the internet

worst pinterest fails
Some individuals tend to have a knack for arts and crafts projects. However, on the same token, many of us do not – we just think we do. Pinterest is a great site to peruse DIY projects to try at home, but oftentimes, these undertakings can easily take a turn for the worst. From bad culinary snafus to regrettable fashion statements, there are a slew of Pinterest fails floating around the web. The internet never forgets, and many of these botches have gone down in meme-dom lore. Here are 10 of our favorite Pinterest bungles.

Loaf o’ Bieb

Like all things artery-clogging, Americans have rather fanatical relationship with bacon. From the choicest cuts of wrapped filet mignon to a beautiful bacon rendering of Van Gogh’s magnum opus, Starry Night, this love affair is seemingly boundless. That said, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to give fabled lyricist, Justin Bieber, the ol’ meat treatment.

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This decadent meatloaf fittingly reimagines Grammy winner Justin Drew Bieber as a smoldering mound of lifeless meat. Preheat your oven to the official Bieber Fever temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit and you’ll be glazing everyone’s least favorite Canadian in ketchup in no time. Oh, baby.

Newborn Christmas card fail

Christmas cards are a great way to spread holiday cheer and show off the new additions to your family. Professional photography equipment and image-editing software can do wonders on those newborn glamor shots. However, if you choose to use a basic camera phone and less-than-optimal lighting, you should probably temper your expectations beforehand. While a giddy baby photo is certainly a timeless gift, that image taken just moments before you seemingly sacrificed your newborn to Moloch is #NextLevel parenting.

Frosty the snow corpse

Even after a valiant effort, some DIY hacks still arrive DOA, and this honorable effort is a perfect example. Snow globes can be mesmerizing curios to have around the home — a couple shakes give us a glimpse into an ephemeral winter wonderland. Unfortunately, this Pinterest project failed on multiple levels. Why simply witness Frosty in his natural, snow-glinted paradise when you can shake his lifeless body around in a murky glass tomb?

Origami Nazgul

Based on the root word “ori” meaning “to fold,” origami is the ancient Japanese art of folding paper into intricate shapes and designs. But why go through the process of meticulously folding paper when you could just as easily not?

While the original Dark Riders ominously plodded through Tolkien’s legendarium, this origami wonder easily rests hobbled yet stalwart on a desk or lace doily. That said, we’re unsure if sitting on the origami creation is the penultimate step before completion. Is this simply manifested ineptitude, or could this abstraction hold deeper meaning?

Biscuit fail

Let’s be honest, who wants a boring biscuit when you just as easily have an oven-kissed bun garnished with exactly two seeds and a pair of dehydrated kernels of corn? No one. While this Pinterest project had rather limited ambitions to begin with, it still fell substantially short of its objective.

If you’re looking to spice up dinner with this novice culinary novelty, remember that spacing is key. If you’re not careful, instead of a cornucopia of individual biscuits, you’ll be left with a single baked entity that may or may not be undergoing meiosis.

Jumpman hair stencil

This frugal and industrious parent decided to cut out the middleman — in this case, a licensed barber — and go about the skilled handiwork alone. A human skull festooned with His Airness is one thing. Flaunting the LucasArts logo is another. Dream it. Be it.

Leopard eye-shadow fail

So it’s finally the weekend and you’re ready to throw on your finest threads and tie-one-on at the club with your fellow ladies. Thankfully, this eye-shadow hack will let you flaunt your wild side. We’re certainly not saying this speckled look isn’t for everyone, but if you aren’t an aesthetician or after a few struts on the dance floor, you may look less Bad and Boujee and more mad and melty.

Disney Princess Castle?

For decades, Cinderella’s Castle has instilled a sense of wonder and whimsy in our precious youths. But why propagate this unrealistic fairytale when you could just as easily underwhelm your child with this derelict, structurally-compromised duplex? Apparently, they don’t make castles like they used to.

Bleeding cupcakes

The late Prince once famously harmonized the emotive pause caused by witnessing doves cry. And while we may never be able to empathize with that exact emotion, if it’s anything close to how this makes us feel, we’ll pass.

Grumpy cat barista art

Humans are willing to shell out top dollar for their morning cup of java. And, often times, the meaningless foam art brings individuals true transient joy. This certainly may not be the case, however, if you’re expecting to see a cuddly foam feline and you end of up with a poor man’s version “Grumpy Cat.”

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