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With $40 million, you could book a trip to a luxury hotel on the ISS

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For your next out of this world vacation, you now have the option of literally going out of this world — but it’ll cost you $40 million. Then again, can you really put a price tag on having the time of your life? As per a new report from Popular Mechanics, Russia is looking to build a luxury hotel in outer space. Slated to be stationed on the International Space Station, this hotel, if it ever comes to fruition, is likely to offer some seriously breathtaking views. And if you have $40 million to spare, you might as well tack on an extra $20 million for the opportunity to go on a spacewalk with a professional (which is to say, a cosmonaut).

While space tourism itself isn’t exactly a novel idea, the notion of building a full-fledged hotel hasn’t been raised before. Really, other companies are still focused on the transportation part of the puzzle — after all, a trip to space is enough for most folks. But if you really want to make the most of your time away from the planet, then the Russian space agency is here to help extend your visit.

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As per the Popular Mechanics report, suggested amenities include a luxury orbital suite with big windows, personal hygiene facilities, exercise equipment, and yes, Wi-Fi. Because if you can’t share your experience on social media, did it really even happen?

Of course, the rationale behind the hotel isn’t just for fun and games. Apparently, space tourism might be able to help the Russians pay for another module to add to the International Space Station. Russian space contractor RKK Energia is currently building the first such module, which will give scientists a laboratory and power supply station from which to conduct tests.

If any of this is going to come to fruition, however, Russia is going to have to hurry. Seeing as the ISS is slated for decommissioning in 2028, there’s little time to build the hotel and scrounge up wealthy tourists to actually buy a trip into outer space. And to make matters more complicated, in order to actually begin construction, a contractor would need to find 12 passengers willing to pay $4 million sight unseen, with nothing but the promise of a future stay in the great beyond.

So if you’ve recently come into a fortune and are interested in investing in what could be the time of your life, ISS is calling your name.

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