Tinder now lets users across the globe upload GIFs to their profiles

Tinder announced it has rolled out a new feature that allows users to swipe through more than just photos. With Loops, you'll be able to create a two-second loop from an existing video that you can add to your profile.
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Social Feed: Zuckerberg unfazed by #deletefacebook, Boomerang moves to FB

While some tech giants have deleted their Facebook accounts, Facebook says it hasn't seem big changes in user count or even in privacy settings. Meanwhile, the network's camera gains the Boomerang mode and an unlikely network adds GIFs.
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Turn a series of stills into a video for Instagram Stories with latest test

Instagram is testing a new video feature to add alongside the Boomerang and Super Zoom with an Instagram Stop Motion effect. The tool allows users to take a series of stills to stitch into a video.

Boomerang's new Brief Me assistant uses AI to highlight important emails

Boomerang, the San Francisco startup behind the eponymous Boomerang email tools, is launching a new AI-powered productivity assistant. It's called Brief Me, and it intelligently pulls relevant text out of your inbound messages.
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Your favorite cartoon classics are about to get their own streaming service

Scooby-Doo, Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny, and many other classics are about to land on a new cartoon-focused, video-on-demand service from Time Warner. The new service will also feature lots of original cartoon content.

You can now insert links, tags, and Boomerang GIFs into Instagram Stories

Instagram has launched a hefty update to its Stories feature, allowing users to add links, tag friends, and even capture Boomerangs for their stories. The new features represent one of the biggest updates to Stories since the feature…

Who needs a charging cable when you have the Boomerang case for the iPhone?

The Boomerang case offers something very few, if any, cases offer: a built-in charging cable. The case is currently available for purchase through Indiegogo for the iPhone 6 and 6S.

Making your own GIFs has never been easier thanks to Boomerang from Instagram (Hands-On Review)

There's no doubt that GIFS have been a hot find on the internet for quite some time. Join the fun and make your own quick animated photos in seconds with the new app "Boomerang from Instagram".
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Instagram releases Boomerang because GIFs are taking over the world

Instagram, the app that makes all of our lives look better than they are, has released Boomerang, a standalone app that allows you to take five photos, string them together into a GIF, and play them over and over.