file transfer

AirDroid now lets you manage Android phone files wirelessly from a computer

AirDroid has updated its computer client to include a new file-management system. From the app, you can now do things like delete and transfer files straight to your phone from your computer without the need for cables.
Emerging Tech

No cell signal? No sweat. Send files via high-frequency sound waves with app

Could we replace near-field communication (NFC) and QR codes with ultrasonic tech that allows users to send data via high pitched audio? A smart startup called Lisnr certainly thinks so.

WaferApp makes file sharing as easy as a fist bump, when it works

All it takes to move files between your phone and computer is a simple tap with Waferapp, a web and smartphone app that makes file sharing simple as a fist bump between your devices.

Apple patents proximity-based iOS to OS X file transfer technology

A contextually aware feature that makes it super easy to transfer files between iPhones or iPads and MacBooks? We hope Apple doesn't let it rot in its patent pile as we'd love to see this on actual devices.
Social Media

Pipe brings untraceable 1GB file sharing to Facebook friends

With the potential to catch the attention of the MPAA and RIAA, a small start-up is on the cusp of launching a private file sharing application that will be available to nearly one billion Facebook users.
Social Media

1GB P2P file transfer coming to Facebook through Pipe

Soon you'll never have to leave Facebook: Pipe makes it so you can transfer up to 1GB of data on the social network.
Smart Home

iTwin USB allows cloud-like remote file access without software

The iTwin USB Remote File Access provides a simple and secure way to make your own "cloud" between computers.