Image sensor

Photo industry turnaround? Image sensors propel Sony to record profits

Sony's latest financials offer hope for photographers concerned with the industries decline, with high camera sensor sales giving the company record first quarter profits. Sony is estimated to have about 45 percent of the image sensor…

Panasonic is researching a sensor that captures HDR in one shot

Research recently published by Panasonic suggests the company is developing a high dynamic range sensor that can adjust each pixel, creating a camera capable of capturing a wider range of light and safer self-driving cars.

Sony just designed a 1,000 fps sensor to enable faster robot responses

From monitoring production lines to creating autonomous robots, Sony's latest sensor could make it possible with a 33x speed increase. The industrial sensor uses the same stacked technology in the Sony a9.

This self-driving car camera can literally see the light at the end of a tunnel

Seeing traffic lights is rather important for a self-driving car and the anti-flicker tech inside Sony's latest sensor makes it happen. The car camera is also capable of "seeing" in only moonlight.

Samsung's IBM-powered image processor capable of 2,000 frames per second

Video that boasts 2,000 frames per second is nothing to shake a stick at, especially when it doesn't take a lot of power. That's exactly what Samsung's new Dynamic Vision Sensor is able to do, and it's all thanks to the IBM TrueNorth…

A Samsung patent devises a new method for capturing colors in-camera

Color is often tweaked in post, but Samsung just filed a patent for a way to capture better colors in-camera. By splitting the colors, could cameras capture more colorful photos with less light loss?

Sony camera sensor production is back, but company still sees shortages

Sony's sensor manufacturing, a vital part of the company's business, has been shut down for weeks as Sony repairs damage resulting from the recent earthquakes in Japan. Months later, the company is still seeing a shortage for some models.

Sony investing $1.2 billion in image sensors

Sony will be boosting its image sensor production considerable over the next year, and plans to convert its recent buy-back into a new factory for CMOS development.