Best gaming peripherals of 2012

As the year comes to an end, we look at our choices for the best gaming peripherals of 2013.

Composer Gordy Haab wins award for Star Wars Kinect score

Video game composer Gordy Haab wins the award for Best Song at the Hollywood Music in Media awards thanks to his score for Star Wars Kinect.

Kinect sells 20 million units

"That number's just continuing to grow," says Microsoft rep of Kinect sales.
Emerging Tech

Microsoft’s Surface tablet supports Xbox 360 controllers, possibly Kinect

Among the hundreds of thousands of USB devices that Microsoft's upcoming Surface tablet supports are Xbox 360 controllers, and possibly the Kinect peripheral.

Microsoft’s Kinect continues to expand its role in modern medicine

Researchers and health care companies continue to find new ways to use Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect.

Digits: Microsoft’s wristband controller that could replace both the mouse and Kinect

Microsoft Research in Cambridge has developed a wristband controller that could eventually replace Kinect and the PC mouse.

Fable: The Journey review

Fable: The Journey is a great kinect game, limited only by the kinect itself.

Smooth Moves: Fable: The Journey preview

A demo session with a feature complete version of Fable: The Journey shows that there's great potential in the Kinect adventure.

Microsoft Kinect price drop to $109 signals the Xbox 360’s last holiday hurrah

Two years after its debut, Kinect's price is dropped. Is it a sign of life or a quiet fade before the next generation of Xbox tech?
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Watch your language in the living room: Kinect to punish gamers for potty mouths

Upcoming basketball game NBA 2K13 will use the Kinect to assign technical fouls for players who swear at the ref. If it's not the silliest use of Kinect ever, it may be close.
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Mirrorly’s new scanning technology could get you out of the dressing room and into new clothes

Upcoming startup Mirrorly combines Kinect with its new scanning technology to create what's supposedly a highly accurate digital way to try on clothes.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor review

What it lacks in a giant, oversized novelty controller, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor makes up for it in ... well, nothing actually.