Retailers Pre-Selling the Xbox Kinect for $149.99

Despite a startling lack of details, retailers are preparing for the rush on Microsoft’s gesture-based Kinext controller for the Xbox 360, which will be out on November 4, just in time for the holiday season.

Reuters is reporting that many major retailers, including Wal-Mart, Amazon and Best Buy, have begun to accept pre-orders for the Kinect at $149.99, even though Microsoft has yet to officially announce a price.

Since it was first unveiled last year under the name Project Natal, speculation and rumors have run wild on the hands-free controller, and the price has been the thing most speculated on. Some early estimates put the price at $100, while others have suggested it will be sold as high as $200. Most, however, have suggested that the price will be right around $150, but again, Microsoft has yet to confirm that.

Microsoft is banking on the Kinect to help it increase Xbox sales after several months of trailing to the resurgent PlayStation 3, which also has the Move controller system set to release later this year. Early analysis suggests that the Kinect might sell as many as 3 million units in 2010 alone.

It is also unclear what sort of bundles will be offered with the Kinect, or if the Kinect will be part of a discounted bundle to be sold with the new Xbox 360, although that seems almost certain.

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