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Xbox One X review controller in front

The history of the Xbox

It has been a long, strange trip for Microsoft's Xbox gaming console. Here's what happened, from its odd beginnings to the next-gen consoles expected this year.
xbox one s

How to take a screenshot on your Xbox One

Xbox One S bundle deal

Your Xbox One may have let other people listen to you, Microsoft contractors say

microsoft xbox one review console kinect angle

Xbox Off — Microsoft ends production of Kinect adapter for Xbox One

microsoft xbox one review kinect sensor

Kinect is discontinued, but developers haven’t abandoned it yet

microsoft xbox one review kinect sensor

Once the future of gaming, Microsoft’s Kinect has been discontinued

reflexion health vera solution

The Kinect finds a second life helping rehab patients heal at home

xbox one kinect coming 150 standalone purchase october 2014

Use your Kinect as a webcam thanks to a new update

Xbox with Kinect and fitness games

Microsoft issues refunds for purchases tied to soon-to-be-defunct Xbox Fitness

kinect camera music video data kinectivdeo

The Kinect might not make great games, but it makes great music videos

digital hand designs home furniture using kinect digitalhand2

Swipe left for a blanket: Digital Hand uses Microsoft’s Kinect to design furniture

microsoft xbox one review kinect sensor

Microsoft Kinect camera helps assess symptoms in multiple sclerosis patients

microsoft shutting down xbox fitness service

Microsoft shutting down Xbox Fitness service in 2017; no word on refunds

Microsoft announced that it will discontinue support for its Xbox Fitness service in 2017, rendering user-purchased content inoperable.
grimes curates physically interactive exhibit microsoft kinect

Grimes curates new exhibit that lets fans touch her song from the inside

Famed Canadian electronic musician Grimes has partnered with Microsoft for a special exhibit at this year's Moogfest, allowing fans to touch her sound.
microsoft xbox one review console kinect

Kinect developers face extinction following Microsoft Studios website update

Microsoft has removed many of its partnered development houses from the official Microsoft Studios website in the wake of Lionhead's recent closure.
cortana in windows 10 will support six new countries including japan australia and canada v2

Kinect will be the only way to speak to Cortana on the Xbox One

If you're planning to use voice control to access Cortana on the upcoming Xbox One Dashboard update, then you're going to need a Kinect too.
intel realsense coming of age games

Calm down! Like dogs, the first Intel RealSense games can sense your fear

Here are some hands-on impressions of Intel's RealSense 3D camera and its potential gaming applications.
two new kinect exclusives announced microsoft xbox one review console angle 2 1500x1000

Kinect for Windows is dead, long live Kinect for Windows

Microsoft has announced that while the Kinect will no longer be sold for Windows, developers don't have to worry about its availability for the platform.
body labs wants create virtual doppleganger featured image

Body Labs wants to create your virtual doppelganger, and bring it to life

Scan your body and Body Labs will create a 3D model that you can pose and animate. The potential applications for your digital self are endless and businesses are taking a look.
xbox one kinect coming 150 standalone purchase october 2014

Xbox One Kinect coming as a $150 standalone purchase in October 2014

Microsoft confirms that the Xbox One's Kinect camera sensor will be sold separately as a $150 package that includes Dance Central Spotlight.
Nokia Lumia Icon front

Microsoft may add Kinect gestures to upcoming Nokia McLaren Windows Phone

Microsoft looks to add Kinect-like gestures to the upcoming Nokia McLaren Windows Phone. The 3D Touch interface will control several different functions.
microsoft xbox gamescom 2014 livestream brian heater one kinnect

Convenient? Yes, but it turns out Kinect was never essential for Xbox One

microsoft announces kinect less xbox one 399 box shot

Microsoft announces Kinect-less Xbox One for $400

Microsoft has announced that starting June 9 they will be selling a less expensive model of the Xbox One that comes without the Kinect motion sensor.
Google Glass meets Kinect in ARI

Google Glass meets Kinect in ARI, a gesture-recognition app for smartglasses

microsoft xbox one review kinect sensor

Microsoft brings the Xbox One’s Kinect to PC, Xbox One graphics to DirectX 12 (Updated)

The next-generation of Microsoft’s Kinect that debuted with the Xbox One is coming to the PC.

Oculus Rift and Kinect used to power robot arm for NASA

apple buys primesense 3d sensor

Apple officially owns the company that made Microsoft’s Kinect

Apple representatives have confirmed that it has made a deal to purchase PrimeSense, a 3D sensor company.
xbox one kinect sensor camera

Xbox One code redemption is fast and easy, you just need to let Kinect into your life…

xbox fitness brings celebrity trainers to the one screen workout

Xbox Fitness brings celebrity trainers, Kinect workouts to Xbox One

new kinect app turns any surface into a touchscreen ubi interactive

Ubi Interactive’s Kinect app turns any surface into a touchscreen

Ubi Interactive, in partnership with Microsoft, launched a new app for the Kinect that turns any image projected onto a surface into a giant touchscreen.

Apple may be planning Kinect-style controls for its rumored TV

Xbox One and Windows PCs require separate second-gen Kinect hardware

Xbox One doesn’t come with a headset, but Kinect still works for voice chat

the digital self 06_04_2013 header

The Digital Self: Is the Xbox One the latest privacy fiasco, or am I just a crank?

The Xbox One sparked the latest concerns over privacy. But are those of us who warn about its perils prophets or cranks?