Find your moment of Zen with our selection of the best meditation apps

It's no secret that stress takes a serious toll on your body and psyche. A few minutes of meditation each day can improve concentration and reduce stress. Here's our selection of best meditation apps to help you practice mindfulness.
Emerging Tech

BrainTap’s headset promises mindful meditation in as little as 20 minutes

Finding the time to relax these days can be really difficult, but with BrainTap's latest headset, which uses pulsing lights and sounds to promote relaxation, we may have found the solution.

Ultimate stress test? Simple Habit mindfulness app gets pitched on ‘Shark Tank’

Simple Habit is a mindfulness app that promises to help you better cope with the stresses of everyday life through a series of short guided programs. The app was inspired by the founder's own positive mindfulness experience.
Smart Home

This heated waterbed keeps you dry but makes you feel like you’re floating

Starpool’s Zerobody dry bed is a cross between a waterbed and heating pad that supposedly lets you feel like you're in a sensory deprivation tank, though without having to get wet.