Emerging Tech

Sketchfab challenged people to ‘remix’ ancient art, and the results are amazing

Given a treasure trove of downloadable cultural heritage models — from ancient castles to dinosaur skulls and hellenistic statues — digital artists were asked to remix these artifacts with contemporary aesthetics.
Virtual Reality

Google Tango augmented reality is making its way to a museum near you

Augmented reality solutions like Google Tango is making its way into the real world, and one of the first functional applications is in museums, starting with the Detroit Institute of Arts.

New beta software automatically tags and captions historic images

Much of the world's history is still in physical form, but Gado Images is working to teach computers how to automatically tag and caption historic photos to give museums a leg up in digitizing (and monetizing) large archives.

Smithsonian acquires first piece of code with Planetary iPad app

The Smithsonian acquired its first piece of code from an iPad app called Planetary, making it open-source in the hopes that people will use it to create their own unique app experiences.

Love museums? Hate pants? Try these virtual museum tours from your PC

Numerous museums have put parts of their collections online and easy to explore with the click of a mouse. Here are some of the best online tours and collections of the famous museums in the world.

Google Art Project brings Street View to museums

Google Art Project uses Street View technology to create virtual walkthroughs of museums and galleries - and up-close views of great art.