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A digital depiction of a laptop being hacked by a hacker.

Microsoft warns Windows users of another unpatched printing vulnerability

Microsoft is raising awareness of a new, unpatched printing vulnerability in Windows 10, requiring physical access to a Windows PC for hackers to leverage.
how to install windows 10 fonts

How to print to PDF in Windows

Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages have finally been killed off by the internet

fallout 4 concept print art fallout4art05

‘Fallout 4’ concept art prints are now officially available

35mm film washi paper japanese print

Washi Film is 35mm film that captures a positive image directly on handcrafted paper

penthouse magazine print digital screen shot 2016 01 17 at 1 05 21 pm

Penthouse Magazine ends its print days, will now be only digital

conducive ink screen print smart clothing shot 2015 06 27 at 5 43 57 pm

Conductive ink ushers in the next generation of wearable technology

newsweek returning print

Newsweek: A year after abandoning print, presses to roll once again

Google Shutting Down Print Ads

HP To Stop Making Digital Cameras

Google Starts Selling Newpaper Print Ads

Google Testing Print Ads Service