TWB Podcast 148: iPhone X delayed?; Fall TV buyers guide; Voltron technology

The iPhone X has yet to begin production, a preview of the best TVs you can buy this Fall, Medical drone deliveries become a reality and the groundwork for a real-life Voltron may be happening.

A robot named Heliograf got hundreds of stories published last year

The use of artificial intelligence is increasing in journalism, with The Washington Post now using a program called Heliograf to generate hundreds of stories each year.
Smart Home

Move over, dogs — Panasonic's Movable Fridge robot is man's new best friend

Like something out of science fiction, the new Panasonic Movable Fridge responds to voice command and makes its way around the house. It uses built-in lidar and depth sensors to theoretically scan and map out a household.
Emerging Tech

Adorable robot puppy faints if your feet are really smelly

Not sure if your feet smell? Too embarrassed to ask a friend? Then this robot puppy will tell you in no uncertain terms, fainting in shock if they happen to really reek.
Emerging Tech

Shape-forming robo-swarms show potential for robot cooperation

Researchers at Universite Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium have developed a smart new way of getting individual autonomous robots to work together in a type of innovative swarm intelligence.
Emerging Tech

Cars have airbags, so why shouldn’t your robot co-worker?

Cars have airbags to protect us vulnerable humans from damage, so why shouldn’t robots offer similar protection? That's a question that researchers in Germany have been busy answering.
Emerging Tech

Watch more than 1,000 robots dance their way to a world record

More than a 1,000 robots danced their way to a Guinness World Record in China recently, with only 31 one of them toppling over during the attempt. The star of the show was a versatile 18-inch android called Dobi.

Watch the 'Uneekbot' shoe-making robot stitch sandals on demand

Keen's unusual Uneek shoe garnered a loyal following in Japan and to celebrate its success there, the footwear company brought its Uneekbot to Tokyo to put it through its paces and build custom footwear for customers.
Emerging Tech

Want to experiment controlling a swarm of robots? Georgia Tech is here to help

Georgia Tech is opening a new 725-square-foot “Robotarium” lab, where users from around the world can upload their own code and use it to remotely control a swarm of almost 100 robots.
Emerging Tech

Pepper the robot to work as a Buddhist priest for cut-price funerals

Pepper has taken on a few jobs in its short life, greeting customers at places like stores, airports, and train stations. But working as a priest at funerals is surely its most unusual role yet.
Emerging Tech

This Boston Dynamics robot is way smarter than its shelf-stacking fail suggests

Boston Dynamics has made amazing progress with its robot technology, but one of its bots clearly needs tweaking to improve its shelf-stacking skills. Check out this amusing video clip of the robot messing up.
Emerging Tech

A Boston Dynamics robot fell off a stage, and the audience loved it

People love it when a humanoid robot bites the dust, so enjoy the moment Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot took an unexpected tumble. The fall happened at a recent conference that was supposed to demonstrate the robot's abilities.