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Digital Trends Live: #boycottuber, MIT’s mini cheetah robots, SpaceX launch

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Luke Larsen dive into the biggest-trending tech topics of the day, including #boycottuber, a successful SpaceX launch, MIT’s mini cheetah robots, NASA’s Maxwell X57 aircraft, Canada’s space hotels, and more.

We later speak with Shena Tharnish, vice president of cybersecurity product management at Comcast Business, about new security threats that emerge regularly, and how consumers and businesses can’t afford to go unprotected.

Now that Adobe Photoshop is available on iPads, we take an in-depth look at the app, and how some beloved features may not be available.

Steve Goody, chief executive officer of Pocket Radar, joins the program to talk about how data insights are an increasing part of athletic training, and how Pocket Radar can help users run faster.

Finally, we speak with Dani Cushion, chief marketing officer of Cardlytics, who discusses the rise of the omnichannel holiday shopper, and how even though online sales are growing rapidly, in-store sales still represent 75% of total spending.

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