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SEMA 2017

2018 Shelby 1000 Mustang

The 1,000-hp Shelby 1000 Mustang is so extreme, it’s not street legal

The Shelby 1000 Mustang returns, based on the 2015-2018 Mustang platform. This time, however, it isn't street legal.
Ford Drift Stick

Ford Drift Stick electronic handbrake is the high-tech way to get sideways

The Ford Drift Stick is an electronic handbrake for the Focus RS hot hatchback designed to enable epic sideways action.
Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 AEV concept

Get lost in the woods with these tuned Chevy Colorado ZR2 trucks

Two Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 concepts debut at SEMA 2017. One was developed by AEV, the other by Chevrolet Performance Engineering.
Kia Stinger

This wide-bodied Kia Stinger will hug the convention center floor at SEMA

The new Kia Stinger sports sedan shows off a wider, lower look during the annual SEMA gathering in Las Vegas.
"Hellcrate" Hellcat Hemi crate engine

Now you can put the 707-horsepower Hellcat engine in your next project car

Mopar is now offering the Hellcat 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V8 as a crate engine. The "Hellcrate" makes the same 707 hp as factory models.
Acura NSX "Dream Project" by ScienceofSpeed

Super supercar: Famous tuner builds 600-hp ‘dream’ Acura NSX

The Acura NSX hybrid supercar gets a makeover for SEMA 2017 courtesy of well-known NSX tuner ScienceofSpeed.