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why one facebook design manager finally changed the friends icon to feature a woman screen shot 2015 07 08 at 5 21 15 pm

Facebook finally features a woman in front in its friends icon

Caitlin Winner, a design manager at Facebook, wrote a Medium post about how she changed the friends icon to prominently feature a woman and why she did it.
Women at E3 2015

The problem of the lack of women in tech isn’t going away, and may require joint action

The number of women in technology is "disastrous," and the most problematic aspect of the issue is the glacial rate at which it is improving.
microsofts julie larson green honoured abie award

Julie Larson-Green will receive the 2015 Women of Vision ABIE Award for Leadership

Next month, Microsoft's Julie Larson-Green will receive an award for leadership bestowed by the Anita Borg Institute.
google gender and ethnic demographics statistics

Google admits that it hires too many white guys and not enough women

Google admits it hires too many white males, but it's making an effort. Does Google play favorites, or is there another reason for the lack of diversity?

WTF, Internet?: Thanks for another terrible ‘hot women in tech’ list we did not ask for

Complex's awful "hottest women in tech" managed to collectively incite most (if not all) of the Internet.

Meet the woman making brainwave control look more like meditation and less like the Matrix

We talk to Ariel Garten about the brainwave-controlled headband known as Muse and what to expect from mind-melded computing in the not-so-distant future .