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Asa Christiana

Asa Christiana

Asa Christiana is the former editor of Fine Woodworking magazine, now working as a freelance writer, furnituremaker and woodworking teacher in Portland, Ore. His new book, “Build Stuff with Wood” (Taunton Press, fall 2017), sets out to prove that absolutely anyone can build amazing projects with the most basic tools. When he isn’t building or writing or remodeling, he’s on his road bike, in the mountains, or better yet, both.

3d printed tripod end table weekend workshop feature v2

Weekend workshop: Make this 3D-printed side table, even without a 3D printer

You can't 3D print a full piece of furniture, but you can 3D print joints that make building your own furniture a snap. In this article, we'll show you how to do just that, and create an awesome tripod end table that's partially 3D printed
Weekend Workshop

Ditch the milk crates. Store your vinyl properly in this elegant DIY stand

Want a better way to store your vinyl collection than resorting to milk crates and repurposed bookshelves? Build yourself one of these awesome record stands! Not only does this design look great, but it doesn't require glue, screws, or even many tools.
diy magnetic bottle opener weekend workshop feature

Build a bottle opener that uses magnet magic to catch your caps

You can never have enough bottle openers. In this article, we'll show you how to build one that not only looks good on your wall, but also collects all the beer caps with a powerful rare-earth magnet that's hidden in the back. Check it out!
Weekend Workshop Bench

This Japanese-style bench is easy to build and supports butts of all sizes

Despite the fact that it only requires three cedar boards and is ridiculously easy to build, this pagoda-style Japanese garden bench is an absolute stunner
diy pallet wood beer carrier weekend workshop caddy

Sling your suds in style with this DIY beer caddy made from a pallet

If you have access to a bunch of old wood pallets and are looking for a simple but useful project to put them to use, we highly recommend this rustic, reusable beer carrier.
diy box table how to make a shaped end without using clamps  feature

Forget clamps. You can make this stylish box table with some glue and tape

Don't have a garage full of tools? Don't worry -- with this super clever trick, you'll be able to build a gorgeous mid-century end table using little more than a saw, some glue, and a roll of packing tape.
diy vinyl record storage frame weekend workshop feature

Show off your record collection with this DIY storage frame

Why hide those iconic album covers in a milk crate when you can give them the spotlight they deserve, in a sleek wood frame on the wall?
best circular saws 716o zioafl  sl1000

A cut above the rest: Here are the best circular saws money can buy

Hunting for a versatile saw that'll glide through boards, but not break the bank? Look no further than this list of the best circular saws.
the best cordless drill you can buy head

These are the best cordless drills you can buy in 2018