David Weinberger

David Weinberger

Dr. Weinberger is a senior researcher at the Berkman Center. He has been a philosophy professor, journalist, strategic marketing consultant to high tech companies, Internet entrepreneur, advisor to several presidential campaigns, and a Franklin Fellow at the US State Department. He was for four years the co-director of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, focusing on the future of libraries.

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Time Magazine still anoints ‘internet influencers,’ but it’s not 1999 anymore

Time’s list of the top 25 internet influencers might have been quaint in 1999, but our collective voices, from amateur YouTubers to game modders, create the real significance of the internet.

With every answer, search reshapes our worldview

What belongs at the top of your search results? Algorithms have evolved over decades to overcome the shortcomings of different metrics, but as the recent controversy over Google’s Holocaust search results demonstrated, the ones we have…

Do humans make computers smarter?

Humans still outperform computers at many tasks, but as AI advances, will our intervention help them or hobble them? It’s complicated.

How the father of the World Wide Web plans to reclaim it from Facebook and Google

A handful of companies own vast swaths of web activity – Facebook for social networking, Google for searching, eBay for auctions – giving these companies unprecedented power over us. This has inspired an effort to re-decentralize the…

Why pop culture’s zombie fixation is really the Internet’s fault

Our zombie fascination might seem like a blip on pop-culture radar, but the viral way this fictional apocalypse spreads may be rooted in broader fears about our lives on the Internet.