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Y: The Last Man

New Line gets serious about Y: The Last Man movie adaptation

After nearly a decade in development, there's finally some meaningful progress on the film adaptation of Y: The Last Man.

James Cameron: Avatar 4 will be a prequel

According to director James Cameron, Avatar 4 will be a prequel that sets up the second arc of the franchise's story line.

Fox: Digital movies will now precede Blu-ray, DVD versions

In an effort to pre-empt movie piracy and boost sales, Twentieth Century Fox will begin releasing its films in digital format first.
Vin Diesel

Lionsgate-Summit wants Vin Diesel for The Last Witch Hunter

Vin Diesel's next role may see the muscular action star slaying witches.

Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake now officially coming to America

With a distribution deal now officially in place, it looks like Spike Lee's worrying remake of Korean thriller Oldboy is officially on track.
The Hunger Games

Watch Kevin Tancharoen’s rejected Hunger Games pitch reel

Though he never landed a directing gig on The Hunger Games, we're big fans of what Kevin Tancharoen had in mind for the project.
Bane -- The Dark Knight Rises

Rumor: Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray includes 30 minutes of new footage

Will the home release of The Dark Knight Rises include a bunch of footage cut from the theatrical version? It seems likely.
Cloud Atlas

New Cloud Atlas trailer offers gorgeous visuals, geeky Tom Hanks

We expected the new Cloud Atlas trailer to look good, but we're pleasantly surprised to see it also includes multiple flavors of Tom Hanks.
The Avengers briefcase blu-ray collection

Luggage lawsuit blocks Avengers box set release

A luxury luggage company is suing Marvel Studios over its upcoming Avengers Blu-ray collection that comes packaged inside a knock-off briefcase.
Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey joins the cast of Kick-Ass 2

Jim Carrey has signed an agreement to play the role of Colonel Stars in the upcoming Kick-Ass 2.
Michael Clarke Duncan

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan has died

Michael Clarke Duncan has unexpectedly passed away at the age of 54.
Box Office

This summer’s box office was the lowest in 19 years

Despite blockbusters like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Returns, summer 2012 saw the lowest box office returns since 1993.
God Of War II

God Of War movie writers explain the film’s concept

God Of War is eventually coming to the silver screen, and apparently it's going to be a bit like Batman Begins.
Idea Channel -- William Gibson

You really should be watching PBS’ Idea Channel

As long as you're going to waste time on YouTube anyway, why not watch something genuinely good? Something like PBS' Idea Channel.
Brett Ratner

Rumor: Brett Ratner, McG join Justice League short list

We hate to break it to you, but that Justice League movie might be directed by the guy responsible for Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.
Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton tapped for RoboCop villain role

Who will take Hugh Laurie's antagonist role in the upcoming RoboCop remake? Apparently the answer is "Michael Keaton."
Captain America -- Stan Lee

Captain America meets Stan Lee in latest deleted Avengers scene

faux commercial explores toyline based on the thing thethingtoys

Faux commercial explores faux toyline based on The Thing

If there's one thing missing from John Carpenter's 1982 horror epic The Thing it's definitely a kid-friendly line of toys.

Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks join upcoming Lego movie

Warner Bros. upcoming big-budget Lego movie just picked up two big name actors to lend their voices to the flick.
The Avengers alternate opening

Watch the maudlin alternate opening for The Avengers

An alternate opening has slipped from the upcoming Avengers Blu-ray release and it's a real bummer.
Play Dead

Pups battle zombies in short film Play Dead

Ever wondered what it's like to be a dog during the zombie apocalypse? Play Dead offers an answer.
New Zealand

New Zealand tourism board embraces its faux Tolkienian heritage

New Zealand hopes to attract visitors by capitalizing on its appearance in Peter Jackson's Lord Of The Rings films.
Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones

More 3D Star Wars re-releases scheduled for next year

Two new Star Wars movies are coming in 2013, but you probably shouldn't get too excited just yet.
Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is done with The Expendables

It looks like Chuck Norris won't be returning for the likely-inevitable Expendables 3.

Finally, Dredd is the law in new TV spot

Our new-fangled Judge Dredd finally drops his most famous catchphrase in the latest trailer for the upcoming Dredd.

Adam Berg in talks to direct Videodrome remake

Yes, there's a Videodrome remake in the works, and yes, you should probably be annoyed by that fact.
Nintendo Power

After 24 years, Nintendo Power is calling it quits

It's been a good run for the premier Nintendo-themed gaming magazine, but Nintendo Power seems to be ceasing production.
unannounced free dlc adds co op to spec ops the line specopstheline

Unannounced, free DLC adds co-op to Spec Ops: The Line

In an effort to reward those who bought Spec Ops: The Line, publisher 2K Games has rolled out a new DLC pack that adds co-operative play.
john travolta may be our new toxic avenger johntravolta

John Travolta may be our new Toxic Avenger

We've known that a Toxic Avenger remake was in the works for a while now, but who could have guessed it would star John Travolta?
tokyo jungle finally gets an american release date tokyojungle

Tokyo Jungle finally gets an American release date

Tokyo Jungle is coming to America, and it's only a month away.
spike lee adds samuel l jackson to oldboy remake samljackson

Spike Lee adds Samuel L. Jackson to Oldboy remake

Another name has been added to the roster of Spike Lee's English-language remake of Oldboy: Samuel L. Jackson.
guardians of the galaxy plot guardiansofthegalaxy

Scant Guardians Of The Galaxy plot details appear online

A solid chunk of plot material from the recently revealed, upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy movie has seemingly leaked onto the 'net.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Keanu Reeves drops plot details on third Bill & Ted adventure

Finally, some details on the plot of the increasingly likely third Bill & Ted movie courtesy Ted Logan himself, Keanu Reeves.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Rumor: Third Bill & Ted adventure seems increasingly likely

A third Bill & Ted movie seems increasingly likely, though it probably won't hit theaters for another couple years.