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Breathing optional: Scientists develop injectable oxygen

Scientists have developed microparticles that can provide up to a half hour of oxygen to patients unable to breathe on their own.
The Hobbit

Warner Bros. scales back distribution plans for The Hobbit at 48fps

Warner Bros. is scaling back plans to show the 48 frames per second version of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit.
rumor the avengers 2 hits theaters on may 1 2015 theavengers

Rumor: The Avengers 2 hits theaters on May 1, 2015

team fortress meets the matrix in remaked matrixremaked

Team Fortress meets The Matrix in ‘The Matrix Remaked’

sony pictures animation alf is back in movie form

Sony Pictures Animation: Alf is back, in movie form

van damme hopes to join bloodsport remake jcvd

Van Damme hopes to join Bloodsport remake

bob hoskins announces retirement from acting hoskinslonggoodfriday

Bob Hoskins announces retirement from acting

read a full list of indiana jones the complete adventures bonus material indianajones

Read a full list of Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures bonus material

faux batman arrested in wake of aurora shooting argintar

Faux Batman arrested in wake of Aurora shooting

great gatsby film adaptation bumped to summer 2013

Great Gatsby film adaptation bumped to summer 2013

ea reveals wii u iterations of fifa soccer 13 madden nfl madden13wiiu

EA reveals Wii U iterations of FIFA Soccer 13, Madden NFL 13

rise of the triad returns to pc later this year rott2

Rise Of The Triad returns to the PC later this year

vertigo tops british film institutes best films of all time list

Vertigo tops British Film Institute’s best films of all time list

shatner wheaton lend star trek cred to nasas videos

Shatner, Wheaton lend Star Trek cred to NASA’s videos

sony prepares for he mans return to theaters dolphmotu

Sony prepares for He-Man’s return to theaters

wahlberg neeson offered roles in neuromancer adaptation

Wahlberg, Neeson offered roles in Neuromancer adaptation

legend of zelda prototype hits ebay for 150000 tlosproto

Legend Of Zelda prototype hits eBay for $150,000

warner bros wants to film a prequel the shining theshining

Warner Bros. wants to film a prequel to The Shining

watch brown bears catch salmon live

Wild webcam: Alaskan park streams brown bears catching salmon live

battle royale may hit us shores as a cw teen drama battleroyale

Battle Royale may hit US shores as a CW teen drama

fifth indiana jones movie seems increasingly unlikely indy4

Fifth Indiana Jones movie seems increasingly unlikely

lady gaga has apparently joined the cast of machete kills gagamachetkills

Lady Gaga has apparently joined the cast of Machete Kills

warner bros may bump gangster squad to 2013 gangstersquad

Warner Bros. may bump Gangster Squad to 2013

space porn the iss has a gorgeous view of earth earthfromspace

Space porn: The ISS has a gorgeous view of Earth

christian bale visits victims of aurora shooting tragedy christianbale

Christian Bale visits victims of Aurora shooting tragedy

read christopher nolans farewell to batman darkknightrises

Read Christopher Nolan’s farewell to Batman

artist builds salt blasting shotgun to hunt flies bugasalt

Artist builds salt-blasting shotgun to hunt flies

finally manos the hands of fate gets a game adaptation

Finally, Manos: The Hands Of Fate gets a game adaptation

activision marvel announce upcoming deadpool video game

Activision, Marvel announce upcoming Deadpool video game

capcom confirms jojos bizarre adventure hd remake jojosbizarreadventure

Capcom confirms JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD remake

free space simulator lets you tour the universe from home spaceengine

Free space simulator lets you tour the universe from home

grisly comic con exclusive promotes walking dead shooter earnecklace

Grisly Comic Con exclusive promotes Walking Dead shooter

did karl urban just reveal the villain of star trek 2 benedictcumberbatch

Did Karl Urban just reveal the villain of Star Trek 2?

independence day sequel tentatively heading for production id4willsmith

Independence Day sequel tentatively heading for production