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Eric Buchman

Eric Buchman

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Eric is a TV Writer whose credits include ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva. When not working on a specific show, he enjoys writing about technology, chasing his toddler around the house, and being the Kalinda for his wife’s law practice.

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You don’t know these new TV genres yet, but you know the shows

why the golden age of tv is not ending anytime soon behind screens 110815

The golden age of TV: How we got here and why there’s no bubble to burst

NFL on Television

How tech exposed the evil in the NFL, and made me quit watching

Porn has long had a reputation as technology’s king maker, pushing whichever tech it backs to success. But is that really the case?

Does porn still have the power to push new tech, or has it gone soft?

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Don’t worship your ‘definitive’ disc, movies were meant to evolve

4 corporate tech mergers we would love to see want

Somebody get these tech companies on Tinder, because they need to hook up

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Netflix is the new HBO, YouTube is the new MTV, and everything new is old

Grey's Anatomy Death

You’re supposed to watch TV shows, not try to write them. Remember?

Behind the screens 042215

5 things we miss about TV that the Internet totally ruined

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Sick of ’90s reboots? Here’s why they’re not as bad as you think

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Where do TV pilots go when they die? In the future, maybe they don’t

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Where’s the line between fan-fic and copyright infringement? Ask the Power Rangers

how cable companies can redeem themselves

6 ways for cable companies to redeem themselves and win customers back

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Do theaters still matter? Amazon knows they do, even after The Interview


By streaming ESPN, Dish just dashed cable’s last leverage

3 entertainment stories from 2014 that will reshape 2015 innocence of muslims

You missed these stories in 2014, but they’ll change how, what and who you watch in 2015

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Curation kills: Why Netflix is just as doomed as cable in the long run

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Why are movies more expensive than ever when tech makes them easier to make?

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Why Kickstarter is great for coolers, and terrible for feature films

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For Hollywood hopefuls, tech like YouTube has been a blessing and a curse

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Why Silicon Valley needs Hollywood more than Hollywood needs Silicon Valley

5 shows to watch low down suits best ways tv

To keep TV shows alive, viewing is voting. But what’s the best way to watch?

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TV and movies are melting into the same thing, and tech is stirring the pot

A la carte cable

None of your favorite shows would have existed in an a la carte cable world