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Jacob O'Gara

Jacob O'Gara

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Jacob O’Gara is an editorial assistant at Digital Trends, where he writes about everything from video games to refrigerators. When he’s not assisting editorially, Jacob’s probably listening to podcasts or trap music, going to art shows, or defending Nicolas Cage as a “like, actually good” actor.

The LG UltraFine 5K monitor on a desk.

How to clean your computer monitor

Sometimes your computer monitor gets dirty. Here are tips on how to clean your screen and keep it clean. The vital element in monitor cleaning is patience.
E3 Analysis Nintendo Booth

Complete Nintendo E3 2014 coverage from Amiibo to Zelda

At this year's E3, Nintendo delivered a digital presentation showcasing upcoming titles like "Super Smash Bros" for Wii U and an open-world Zelda game.
wordpress vs tumblr blogger blogging platform header image copy

WordPress vs. Tumblr vs. Blogger

There's more than one quality blogging platforms out there. Check out our direct comparison of WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger.
htc one m8 vs the all new leaks in more press photos

HTC One M8 vs. HTC One: Which ‘One’ do you want?

After months of anticipation, the HTC One (M8) made its debut today. How does it compare to the first HTC One? Find out in our spec showdown.
how to fix a running toilet

How to fix a running toilet

Not only is a running toilet really annoying, it also wastes water and eats into your water bill. Here's how to stop a running toilet right in its tracks.
Gateway DX 4885 UB3A power button macro

Hibernation vs. sleep

Here we explain the differences between hibernate and sleep.
what temperature should my fridge be refrigerator 590

Keep your fridge at the perfect temp with these handy tips

Curious what temp your fridge should be set at in order to keep your food at optimal freshness? Hit the jump for an answer and a few easy-to-remember tips.

The 30 best action movies ever

If you like seeing stuff blown up and big shootouts and crazy car chases, you should watch every action movie on this list, over and over again.
how to start a blog editorial guidelines

How to start a blog

If you're planning on jumping into the blogosphere, let us help you get started with this guide on the basics of blogging.
the hardest video games of all time angrygamer1 320x205

The hardest video games of all time

From Battletoads to I Wanna Be the Guy, these "games" are more like exercises in frustration, annoyance, and desperation. Have fun playing!
apple mac pro 2013 vs 2012 wwdc comparison 300x300

Apple Mac Pro 2013 vs. Mac Pro 2012: spec showdown

Apple's new Mac Pro certainly looks out of this world, but how does it compare to the old Mac Pro? Check out our spec showdown to find out.
iwork ilife updates apple 10 22

iWork and iLife are now free if you buy an iPad or Mac

Apple unveiled updates to their iWork and iLife apps at their Tuesday event. Here are the changes they made