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Latest by Luke Larsen

Google Smart Canvas

Smart Canvas supercharges Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets for collaboration

At its I/O developer conference, Google has announced Smart Canvas, which turns Docs, Sheets, and Slides into better collaboration tools.
Apple iMac 24 inch placed on a desk in a sunny context.

Apple iMac (24-inch) M1 review: Seeing is believing

Reinvented as the iMac for a new generation. It has to be seen in person to truly appreciate its design.
Microsoft Teams in Together mode on a laptop.

Microsoft Teams moves beyond the office with new personal group chat functions

Microsoft Teams is already a popular chat application for companies, but with its new personal accounts, Teams is moving out of the office.
The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro laptop with an open screen.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 (15-inch) review: OLED disappointment?

Despite boasting great battery life and the S-Pen, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 doesn't quite feel like the apex of design Samsung was aiming for.
Razer Blade 15

The new Razer Blade 15 is even thinner than before, and now has a 1080p webcam

Razer has announced an updated version of its popular Razer Blade 15 gaming laptop that features Intel's new 11th-gen H-series 8-core processors.
A man using the Dell XPS 17.

The Dell XPS 17 powers up for video editing with the RTX 3060 on board

Dell has announced updates to the XPS 15 and XPS 17, with support for improved graphics and processors.
nvidia brings ray tracing to masses with rtx 3050 ti 1

Nvidia’s RTX 3050 Ti and 3050 bring ray tracing and DLSS to $799 gaming laptops

Nvidia has announced new graphics cards for affordable gaming laptops. The RTX 3050 Ti and RTX 3050 will launch in laptops starting at $799.
Intel Tigerlake H45 chip.

Intel finally launches 11th-gen Tiger Lake H45. Do its 10nm chips deliver?

Intel has unveiled its 11th-gen Tiger Lake laptop H-Series processors for gaming and content creation devices.
msi creator z16 macbook pro rival youve been waiting for lifestyle 2

MSI’s Creator Z16 is finally the MacBook Pro competitor we’ve been waiting for

MSI has announced a slew of new laptops, including the Creator Z16, which sports some features MacBook Pro fans have been wanting for years.
macbook air white bezels and bright colors 41919 81311 bd73c476 3c4c 47ca 83b2 d479d415914d xl

Don’t be mad, but the next MacBook Air will probably have white bezels

If you believe the latest rumor and leaks, the next MacBook Air may get the same treatment as the 24-inch iMac. And yes, that means white bezels.
dell xps 13 2020 review 05

OK, maybe thin bezel laptops were a bad idea after all

I have been complaining about the size of laptop bezels for years. But in 2021, thick bezels might be the new laptop design trend to look out for.
women using new imac computers

There are 2 things I really don’t like about the new 24-inch iMac

Apple has engineered a dramatic redesign of the iMac, and there's a lot to like about the new look. But not everything is for the better.
The back portion of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 review: Steps in the right direction

Microsoft has made some big gains to performance and battery life, making the Surface Laptop 4 the best in the line so far.
samsung galaxy unpacked event april 28 2021

Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for April 28

Samsung has announced its third Galaxy Unpacked event of 2021 so far, this one scheduled to stream online on April 28.
Microsoft surface 4

This is the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4, now with 8-core AMD Ryzen processors

Microsoft's new Surface Laptop 4 looks similar on the exterior, but the new AMD processors and improved battery life make it a worthy upgrade.
Microsoft Surface Headphones 2

Microsoft launches work-from-home audio gear, including Surface Headphones 2+

Microsoft has announced new work from home devices, including the Surface Headphones 2+, Modern USB Headset, Modern Wireless Headset, and Modern USB-C Speaker.
dell new inspiron laptops take xps design family 12

Dell’s redesigned Inspiron laptops get a fresh coat of paint, Ryzen 5000 chips

Dell has announced a complete redesign to its Inspiron laptop lineup. They include the fast Inspiron 16 Plus and the AMD-powered Inspiron 14 2-in-1.
The Dell XPS 13 laptop, in white, with a nature scene on the screen.

The Dell XPS 13 is first to get a 16:10 OLED display, but there’s a catch

The Dell XPS 13 has an exciting new feature: A 4K OLED display. This is a first for the XPS 13 -- one of the most forward-thinking laptops on the market.
asus zenbook 13 oled um32 review 1

Asus ZenBook 13 OLED UM325 review: AMD laptop perfection?

With an 8-core processor and a brilliant OLED screen, do laptops get any better than the ZenBook 13 OLED?
The Alienware m15 R5 gaming laptop.

Alienware’s new m15 R5 includes Ryzen 5000 chips and 1440p 240Hz display

Dell is bringing upgrades to its Alienware m15 and G15 gaming laptops in the form of AMD Ryzen processors, and keyboard and design updates.
Intel CEO talking about Meteor Lake

Intel’s 14nm node is finally dead, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief

The transition to 10nm has taken Intel seven years. But with 14nm behind them, the road ahead is finally clear.
razer book 13 review 03

The rumored AMD-powered Razer Blade 14 is my dream gaming laptop

A rumored 14-inch Razer Blade is in the works. The twist? For the very first time, it could be powered by AMD's powerful Ryzen 5000 processors.
hp envy x360 15 17 oled amd 2

AMD is still getting shortchanged by laptop brands

HP has announced AMD variants of its new Envy x360 15 laptops. The problem? They don't come with all the same premium features as their Intel counterparts.
hp envy x360 15 17 oled amd 2

HP’s creator-focused Envy x360 15 and Envy 17 have OLED screens, AMD processors

HP has updated two of its creator-focused laptop series, the Envy x360 15 and Envy 17, with the latest Intel and AMD chips.
A MacBook Air 2020 open on a wooden table.

Dell XPS 13 vs. Apple MacBook Air

Dell and Apple both have new laptops in 2020: The XPS 13 and the MacBook Air. I've used both for weeks, so I have some thoughts on which one you should buy.
acer predator triton 300 se review 01

Acer Predator Triton 300 SE review: Small stature meets mighty gaming

The Acer Predator Triton 300 SE marks a new class of small 14-inch gaming laptops with RTX-level performance.
alienware m15 r2

Cherry and Alienware team to create the first laptop with MX mechanical switches

Years in the making, Cherry and Alienware have announced a new ultra-low-profile mechanical switch, making its debut in the Alienare m15 and m17 R4.
A box for the Intel Core i9-11900K,

Intel Rocket Lake: Everything you need to know about the 11th-gen processors

Rocket Lake will be the successor to Intel's Comet Lake CPUs, and they're arriving soon. Here's everything we know about them and what improvements to expect.
The AMD RX 6700 XT sitting on a table.

AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT review: Get it while it’s hot

AMD's latest graphics card, the RX 6700 XT, just might be the best reason to leave Nvidia so far.
Intel Core i9-11900K

Intel unveils final specs and pricing for its new 11th-gen Rocket Lake-S chips

The official specs and pricing details for Intel's new Rocket Lake-S chips have finally landed, including information on the new overclocking features.
HP Omen 30L standing by a window.

HP Omen 30L Gaming Desktop review: A gorgeous glass house

HP's beautiful new gaming desktop looks amazing with its minimalist design aesthetic. But how does it perform? Is this the gaming desktop everyone should buy?
Galaxy Chromebook sitting on a table.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 review: Less fun for a better price

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 dials back the high-end features for a more affordable price. Was the compromise too much?
EVGA RTX 3060 sitting on a table.

EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 XC Black graphics card review: $329 well spent

Supply issues aside, Nvidia has yet another midrange hit on its hands. Whether it's in gaming or creative applications, the RTX 3060 impresses.
Razer Kiyo Pro mounted on monitor for streaming.

Razer’s new Kiyo Pro webcam uses surveillance camera tech to improve lighting

Razer has announced a new webcam for streaming and work, the Kiyo Pro. It uses tech borrowed from surveillance cameras to offer improved lighting in video.