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star wars rise of skywalker straightforward answers make it great the ren

The critics’ biggest issue with The Rise of Skywalker is what makes it great

One of the biggest criticisms of the Rise of Skywalker is that it leans too heavily on plot and backstory. But as I settled into the film, I found its straightforward nature allowed me to focus on the real heart of the story. The characters we've grown to love over these past three films.
apple planning pop up shops for its watch on wrist

This is the most important tech from each year between 2010 and 2020

From 2010 to 2019, we found the most influential and substantial tech from each year in the past decade. Many of the most foundational pieces of technology that we take for granted today started just in the past ten year years, and here's why each of them was just so revolutionary.
Surface Neo

CES 2020 preview: Are dual-screen PCs about to have their big moment?

Earlier in 2019, Microsoft announced its first dual-screen laptop, the Surface Neo. This wasn't just a new product -- it was the launch of a new category of PC. The dual-screen laptop. CES 2020 may end up being our first big look at what kinds of dual-screen devices other companies have been working on.
dell g3 g5 g7 gaming laptop comparison g series laptops

I tested the Dell G3, G5, and G7 gaming laptops. Here’s the one you should buy

Dell has a number of good options for budget gaming laptops, but choosing between the G3, G5, and G7 can be confusing. With endless configurations to wade through, knowing the difference between the three laptops isn't easy. We tested all three to find the best Dell Inspiron gaming laptop of them all.
8k videographer office

An 8K videographer told us how the Mac Pro has revolutionized his workflow

The Mac Pro isn't for everyone. The extreme price tag should tell you that much. Who is it for, then? Well, we spoke to a creative professional who's been using it for weeks. Videographer and photographer Vincent Laforet explained to us how the Mac Pro has revolutionized his workflow.
dell xps 15 7590 review dellxps15 2019

Dell XPS 15 (2019) review: The top video-editing laptop

A solid video-editing laptop requires immense processing power and a color-accurate screen. The new OLED Dell XPS 15 has both in spades, especially with the optional eight-core Core i9 processor. I put it to the test to see just how fast this laptop really is.
Dell XPS 13 2019 review (9380)

Dell XPS 13 (2019) review

The XPS 13 has always been easy to recommend -- that is, unless you needed a good video conferencing webcam. So, what happens when Dell fixes one of the only problems we had with the XPS 13? Well, it’s near perfection. The 2019 XPS 13 shows Dell listening to complaints and addressing them.
Google Pixelbook Go logo

Google Pixelbook Go review: The Chromebook you should buy

The original Pixelbook was beautiful, but a bit too expensive. The new Pixelbook Go takes a different approach. It starts at a more affordable $649, without sacrificing build quality or performance. Is this the first Google Chromebook that's actually worth buying?
The Macbook Pro 16 sitting on a table

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro is already $150 off on Amazon

Ahead of Black Friday, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro has received its first price cut. A number of configurations are on sale at Amazon, but the best deal takes $150 off a high-end model. It might not sound like a huge discount, but for a new Apple product, it's almost unheard of.
The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 with a nature scene on the display.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 review: A beautiful miss

The Surface Laptop 3 now comes in a 15-inch model, which looks quite similar to what you get with the 13-inch version. But new here is a new all-aluminum finish and a custom AMD Ryzen processor. Can Microsoft's new clamshell compete with laptops like the Dell XPS 15 and MacBook Pro 16?
razer blade review advanced model feat space

Razer Blade (2019) review: Still the cutting edge

The Razer Blade is our favorite gaming laptop, and in its newest iteration, it takes its display technology to another level. The 2019 Razer Blade comes with an option for either an OLED panel or an insane 240Hz refresh rate. Which is the better option?
The Alienware Aurora R10 Ryzen Edition Gaming Desktop, placed on a desk.

Alienware Aurora R10 Ryzen Edition review: A new dawn for AMD

Featuring AMD's monster 16-core Ryzen processor, the new Alienware Aurora is one of the most powerful desktop PCs you can buy. The new look is pretty stunning, too. But does all that power make sense for a gaming machine?
A man working on a 2019 Macbook pro 15.

Apple MacBook Pro 15 (2019) review

The 15-inch MacBook Pro was given an update in 2019, though you can’t tell from looking at it. What’s changed? A more powerful 9th-gen Core i9 processor option and a slightly tweaked keyboard. Do these changes rectify the MacBook Pro’s biggest problems?
microsoft surface pro x review 1

Surface Pro X hands-on review: The Surface I’ve always wanted

Microsoft has announced the Surface Pro X, the most advanced Surface device ever made. Armed with a custom ARM processor and a slim design, the Surface Pro X feels like the modern Surface I've always wanted. Look out iPad Pro, you have some serious competition.
dell xps 13 7390 review 9380 ry 1

Dell XPS 13 (7390) review: A tiny, insanely powerful laptop

Dell’s latest XPS 13 may look the same as the prior generation model that it succeeds, but this latest update makes this stellar laptop even more powerful. With new Comet Lake processors at the helm, the XPS 13 now supports the option for up to a six-core processors.
Macbook Air (2018) Review

The 16-inch MacBook Pro may bring back the physical Esc key

According to a new photo discovered in the latest version of MacOS Catalina, Apple has a new layout for the Touch Bar on future MacBook Pros. The rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro may pull the Touch ID apart from the Touch Bar, as well as turning the Esc into a physical key to address common complaints.
Microsoft Surface Pro 7 front

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review: Left behind

At Microsoft's annual Surface event, it launched a brand new, Surface Pro 7, with a couple of small updates to the highly popular 2-in-1.
Razer Raptor 27 with Razer Blade

Razer Raptor 27 monitor review: Making monitors fun again

Razer's first attempt at a gaming monitor is ambitious. With a unique cable management system, high-end aluminum materials, and excellent image quality, the Razer Raptor 27 definitely lives up to the company's reputation. But at $699, it's not cheap, either.
Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 review

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 7390 review: A new era for XPS

Ice Lake has been years in the coming, and the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is the first to use Intel's 10nm processors. The device has been completely revamped, now showing off a brand-new design, including a new keyboard and taller screen. This is a new direction for Dell's XPS line-up.
Google Pixelbook Go keyboard

The Pixelbook Go is another spinoff, but I’m still waiting for a true sequel

Google has launched the new Pixelbook Go, a cheaper alternative to the Pixelbook. It looks like a solid addition to the lineup, but it's not the true sequel to the Pixelbook I've been waiting for. There are a number of features I would have liked to see come to the Pixelbook 2, but for now, I'll still have to wait.
google nest wifi mesh router smart speaker features price specs release date

Google’s Nest Wifi mashes up a mesh router with a smart speaker

Google's new mesh router, the Nest Wifi, now includes comprehensive Google Assistant features. The new design matches the look of the Nest Mini, which is a serious departure from the Google Wifi mesh router it replaces. Google unveiled the device at its annual event on October 15.
google pixelbook go chromebook features price specs release date 03

The new Google Pixelbook Go is a $649 Chromebook with some finesse

At Google's Pixel 4 hardware event, the company announced the Pixelbook Go, a 13-inch Chromebook. The device marks a turn in strategy from the canceled Pixel Slate that launched last year. The laptop features a rounded chassis, some slimmed side bezels, and an option for a 4K screen.
why surface duo should run windows10x in hand

The petitions are right. The Surface Duo should run Windows 10X

Microsoft has finally returned to the smartphone game with the Surface Duo. But to our surprise, this new device runs Android rather than Windows. It seems like the more practical choice given the company's previous blunders, but is it really the right way to go when you have an operating system already designed for dual-screen devices?
Surface Neo

Windows 10 X is the future of dual-screen devices, and doesn’t ditch keyboards

At Microsoft's annual Surface hardware event, the company announced Windows 10 X, a software platform designed specifically for dual-screen PCs. It's not a new version of Windows, or a brand new operating system in itself. Instead, it takes the core of Windows 10 and reimagines the interfaces to take advantage of dual-screen devices.
surface laptop 3 news rumors specs release date price surfacelaptop3 4 jpg

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3: Everything you need to know

Microsoft launched a new Surface Laptop 3 at its October 2 hardware event. But what is it like? What new features does it boast? Here's everything we know so far about it, including the processors, the chassis options, the size options, its ports, and even updates to its battery.
Microsoft interview Panos Panay

Microsoft’s October 2 Surface Hardware event: Everything we know so far

Microsoft's annual hardware event is scheduled for October 2. So far, it's turning out to be a big one. We could see everything from an updated Surface Pro 7 to a glimpse of the rumored dual-screen Centaurus project. Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming event, including what we think will be announced.
asus zenbook pro duo review 2

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo review: The best dual-screen laptop yet

The ZenBook Pro Duo, with its second screen built right into the keyboard, is one of the most innovative laptops ever made. But is it actually a good laptop? Despite some flaws, the ZenBook Pro Duo manages to be far more than just a gimmick.
hp 27f 4k monitor review 3

HP 27f 4K monitor review: Crisp images without the niceties

These days, 4K monitors keep getting more affordable, but some make that possible via significant compromises. The 2019 refresh of the HP 27f 4K offers some decent image quality to back up its resolution, but it's missing a few key features that hold it back from greatness.
windows core os concept feel like the future

This Windows Core OS concept feels like the future I’ve always wanted

Microsoft is rumored to debut its own Windows Core OS-powered device at its upcoming Oct. 2 hardware event. But this concept mock-up takes the potential of a modular operating system to the next level, showing how it would function in active workplaces that might not have access to a desktop interface.
facebook horizon is second life all over again horizon2

Facebook’s Horizon VR world looks like Second Life all over again

At Oculus Connect 6, Facebook announced a new social VR platform called Facebook Horizon. It won't launch in beta until 2020, but will let users build their own avatar, explore worlds, play games, and even create their own environments using the built-in creator tools. Sound familiar? It's Second Life all over again.
facebook confims ar glasses

Facebook reconfirms it’s working on AR glasses, just weeks after leak said it was

At its annual Oculus Connect 6 keynote, Facebook took to the stage and confirmed that it is indeed working on a set of AR glasses. The confirmation comes just weeks after a leaked report was published that indicated the company was working Ray-Ban on a project that's set to launch in a few years.
oculus quest finger tracking coming in 2020

Finger-tracking on Oculus Quest is coming in 2020, no gloves required

At the Oculus Connect 6 event on September 25, Facebook announced a new virtual reality technology coming to its Oculus Quest headsets. We don't know all the details about the new tech, but Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says it is is coming to the Oculus Quest in early 2020.
AMD Ryzen Threadripper

AMD’s Threadripper 3000 will launch in November. Here’s the first official image

AMD has officially announced that its third-generation Threadripper processor will launch in November. The release of Threadripper 3000 has always been scheduled for 2019, though recent 7nm supply issues had cast some doubt on AMD's ability to deliver its promise for a 3rd-gen Threadripper this year.
hp omen x 2s gaming laptop review hero

HP Omen X 2S gaming laptop review: The Nintendo DS of laptops

Gaming laptops have gotten so good, that manufacturers have resorted to some surprising experimentation to stand out from the crowd. The HP Omen X 2S does that with a second screen, built right into the keyboard deck of the laptop. Is it useful? Is it just a gimmick?