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Why it’s still hard to discover new music online (and how we can fix it)

Services like Spotify and Pandora have radically disrupted the traditional state of music distribution, but the tools to help us deal with this glut of amazing music have yet to develop.

Is Kickstarter a band’s path to total creative freedom, or just a lazy shortcut?

Kickstarter gives bands a chance to wave off traditional record labels and record or tour the way they want to. But as some indie musicians filled us in, even with a smooth-talking talent scout, the site comes with plenty of its own…

How much are next-gen music services really paying artists?

Bandcamp, Spotify, and Pandora have made music available as never before. However, how much money is being made for the musicians you love? Probably a lot less than you think.

When it comes to audio, vintage tech still rocks

Unlike almost any other technology, audio gear can hold its own against – and sometimes even outperform – the latest and greatest.

Stop Instagramming and get a life: How cell phone cameras ruin real moments

Having access to a camera 24/7 doesn’t mean you have to use it. In many cases, the world would actually be a better place if you just left it in your pocket.
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Five affordable substitutes for awesome tech you can’t afford

You’ll probably never be able to spring for a 152-inch TV or your own recording studio, but with a little smart shopping and ingenuity, the next best thing can come pretty close.