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Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card inside a PC.

Thanks, GPU shortage: A bottom-barrel graphics card is now an Amazon bestseller

Although most users are trying to get their hands on an Nvidia RTX 30-series GPU right now, the most sold graphics card this year has been the GTX 1650.
The Gigabyte G5 gaming laptop with a sunset scene on the screen.

More than 30 new Gigabyte releases leaked, including laptops and motherboards

Multiple Gigabyte rumors have leaked, indicating that the manufacturer will soon release five new laptops and 29 motherboards optimized for Intel Alder Lake.
AMD Ryzen Threadripper

We now know the specifications of the upcoming AMD workstation CPUs

According to recent rumors, the new AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000 line of CPUs will be released soon, and we now know the specifications of these processors.
iMac Pro

What’s going on with the upcoming 27-inch iMac Pro?

Rumors show that the new M1-based iMac Pro may be right around the corner, but there are conflicting reports about the design of the iMac.
A close-up of a Mac Pro lit in red.

Despite the success of M1 Max, future Macs may still use Intel

Apple has achieved great success with using its own M1 Max or Pro chips in the MacBook Pro, but the next Mac Pro may still run on an Intel processor.
Render of Intel Alder Lake chip.

Intel’s entire non-K Alder Lake lineup leaked, complete with prices and specs

The non-K series of Intel's 12th Gen of processors is on the way. Although Intel hasn't officially released these CPUs, the entire lineup leaked via Best Buy.
A render of an Intel Arc Alchemist graphics card.

Intel Arc Alchemist graphics card hits over 120 fps in Ashes of the Singularity

Intel's Arc Alchemist gaming graphics cards are just around the corner. One of the upcoming GPUs was spotted in an Ashes of the Singularity benchmark.
Intel Core i9-12900K in a motherboard.

Intel Alder Lake and AMD Ryzen 9 tie in a world-record-breaking benchmark

Intel Core i9-12900K was overclocked and then tested in a benchmark against the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. Despite many differences, the CPUs hit an exact tie.
AMD Threadripper chip.

Five new AMD Threadripper CPUs launching in 2022, featuring up to 64 cores

A new rumor suggests that AMD is about to launch a new series of processors called AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000. We now know more about the upcoming CPUs.
A laptop running the upcoming Nvidia GeForce RTX 2050 graphics card.

Nvidia is preparing three new laptop graphics cards for gamers on a budget

Nvidia has announced the upcoming release of three new laptop GPUs: The RTX 2050, the MX570, and the MX550. The new cards are aimed at entry-level laptops.
A Macbook Pro sitting on a chair, illuminated with neon lighting.

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro demolishes the Mac Pro in a new test

The Apple M1 Max chip in the MacBook Pro continues to receive high praise. It was tested in a ProRes benchmark and was three times faster than the Mac Pro.
The ElecGear M.2 SSD cooler.

This new M.2 SSD cooler lowers temperatures by up to 25 degrees Celsius

Some of the most powerful SSDs tend to heat up quite a lot, but ElecGear seems to have found a solution with this M.2 SSD cooler.
Intel unveils the 12th Gen Intel Core processor

New Intel Alder Lake-P chips may outperform previous generations by over 30%

Intel will soon release several new mobile CPUs from the Alder Lake-P lineup. Some of them have been benchmarked, showing a marked performance boost.
Intel Alder Lake pin layout.

Upcoming Intel Core i5-12400 processor may be an energy-efficient powerhouse

The upcoming midrange Intel Core i5-12400 processor was put through some early benchmarks. It performed excellently despite requiring little power.
The new IBM and Samsung semiconductor design.

New Samsung and IBM discoveries could one day produce ultra-efficient chips

Samsung and IBM revealed new breakthroughs in their collaboration to produce a new semiconductor design. The future chips may be ultra-efficient and fast.
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger delivers the Day 1 closing keynote at IAA Mobility

Intel reports new computing breakthroughs as it pursues Moore’s Law

In constant pursuit of Moore's Law, Intel continues to study and create new improvements in various areas of computing. The company revealed its findings.
Two Dell G15 Gaming Laptops side by side and placed on a dark background.

The rumored RX 6000S may be AMD’s secret ace for gaming laptops in 2022

New rumors suggest that AMD may be working on several new graphics cards aimed at gaming laptops. The new RDNA2 GPUs are allegedly in the works.
A render that shows what the Apple Car might look like.

We now know what the self-driving Apple Car might look like

Several rumors point to Apple possibly working on a self-driving car to one day rival Tesla. A British car leasing-company revealed what the car may look like.
Apple VR Headset Concept by Antonio De Rosa

Apple’s new AR headset may use Face ID technology to track hand gestures

Apple is working on an AR headset that may offer unprecedented realism. A new report says it will use Face ID technology to track hand gestures.
A digital depiction of an AMD Ryzen 5000G chip.

AMD may use Samsung’s 4nm node for Chromebook processors

A new J.P. Morgan report suggests that AMD may be working with Samsung foundries on launching a new 4nm Chromebook processor.
A person using a laptop that is running Windows 11.

Windows 11 may be slowing NVMe SSD speeds for many users

Several reports suggest that Windows 11 may be crippling the performance of NVMe SSDs. Comparisons show noticeable dips in read and write speeds.
AMD Ryzen Processor placed over a black background.

The new AMD Rembrandt APUs may be just as good as the GTX 1650

A new leaked benchmark shows that the upcoming AMD Rembrandt 6000-series APUs offer performance similar to that of GTX 1650.
The new macbook pro 2021.

Apple will release five new Macs in 2022, but no one expected this MacBook Pro

Fans of Apple have a lot to look forward to in 2022. The company is planning to release five new Macs, including a surprising entry-level addition.
A graphics card in neon lights.

GPU shipments increased by 25% in 2021, raising questions about shortage

Despite the persisting chip shortage and extremely high GPU prices, graphics card shipments increased by 25% compared to 2020.
Windows 11 Woman on Laptop Lifestyle

Microsoft backpedals on changing default browsers in Windows 11

Up until now, it was difficult to change your default browser in Windows 11. Microsoft listened to the outcry of its users and is making it easier to do.
A render of the Intel Arc Alchemist graphics card.

Intel’s first Arc Alchemist discrete GPU may be on par with GTX 1650 Super

A new leak reveals the specifications of an upcoming discrete Intel graphics card: The Intel Arc A380. It seems the card is comparable to the GTX 1650 Super.
Microsoft Edge logo.

Microsoft brings an Xbox Cloud Gaming feature to Edge to improve visuals

Microsoft continues improving its signature browser, Edge, with new improvements. The latest updates include updates to gaming and productivity.
Three graphics cards on a gray background.

The ultimate guide to GPU scaling: What it is and how to use it

GPU scaling allows you to adjust the aspect ratio of your games and to tailor it to match your monitor. Read our guide to learn all about GPU scaling.
Razer - Iskur Gaming Chair.

Razer gaming chair down to lowest-ever price for Cyber Monday

This fantastic Razer gaming chair Cyber Monday deal is difficult to pass up. This chair, now discounted by $150, opens the door to a whole new level of comfort.
Swapping White Elephant gifts at holiday party.

These must-have holiday gifts are on sale for Black Friday 2021

With holidays right around the corner, it's time to get shopping! Take advantage of the best Black Friday deals and snag memorable presents at a discount!
Ring Alarm

This Ring Alarm Black Friday bundle deal is worth every dime

Keeping your home and your loved ones safe is important, so take advantage of this Ring Alarm Black Friday deal and save $80 on home security.
Three GPUs from the Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Series.

While GPU demand remains high, graphics card sales drop by almost 20%

While graphics card sales have gone up significantly compared to 2020, this quarter saw an almost 20% drop in GPU sales.
A render of an AMD RX 6900 graphics card.

Gamers on a budget will welcome AMD’s rumored new releases

In the midst of the ongoing GPU shortage, rumors point to AMD soon releasing new budget gaming graphics cards: The Radeon RX 6500XT and Radeon RX 6400.
The Future Of Original Series Featured Image

What is the metaverse? A deep dive into the ‘future of the internet’

What exactly is the metaverse, where did it start, and where is it going? In this article, we'll dive deep into the concept and the future of the metaverse.